Periodontics For The Dental Hygienist II | St. Clair College
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This course continues the study of the pathogenesis, immunopathology, and microbiology of periodontal diseases affecting supporting structures of teeth and implants. An overview of current surgical and non-surgical therapies will be provided. Gender and age related periodontal health issues will be examined.Periodontal case studies module is designed to develop critical thinking, skills in clinically based situations related to the assessment and treatment of periodontal diseases by the dental hygienist. Through case-based learning, you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate integration, application, synthesis and evaluation of didactic knowledge gained from other dental hygiene theory courses as well as from clinical experiences. You will be expected to compose and present a case study of a true or simulated clinical client, research various issues about each case, discuss your findings within a study group and learning situation.