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In this course, students will learn the role and legislative jurisdiction of Customs, Immigration and Canadian Food Inspection (Border Services), including enforcement techniques and procedures. It is designed to give students an overview to various acts of legislation that govern customs, immigration and food inspection regulations and policies when determining the admissibility of persons, goods and conveyances into Canada. Students will learn, in detail, specific sections of the Customs Act, Customs Tariff Act, Excise Tax Act, Immigration Refugee Protection Act and Criminal Code that give Border Services officers various authorities and powers of seizure, detention and arrest. Students will be introduced to deception identification techniques, vehicle search procedures, counterfeit goods and documents. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be analyzed in detail in reference to the importance of establishing reasonable grounds for arrest, detention, examination, personal search and seizure procedures as they relate to Canada Border operations. Students will develop the computer, communications, dispute resolution and critical thinking skills that are demanding in the private and public sectors of Border Services in Canada