Student Success Centre | St. Clair College

The Student Success Centre team includes a Manager, Reid Innes, and Student Success Technologists: Raegan Noury, Tino Baggio and Wanda Killops. The Student Success Centre team is committed and passionate about assisting St. Clair College students to improve their English reading and writing skills at the College level. The Student Success Centre is physically located at the Zekelman Campus at One Riverside Drive in downtown Windsor as well as locations at the Windsor Campus (Open Lab) and Chatham Campus. Given the pandemic situation, there are currently no in-person assessments/services. The team is offering services virtually to all St. Clair College students studying locally as well as students studying abroad. Assessments are proctored remotely using MS Teams and the assessment platform.


All first-year international students will complete English reading, writing and written component assessment using the Accuplacer/MyLab Writing platforms. Upon completing the Accuplacer/MyLab Writing assessment, students will be offered pathways to improve their opportunities for success. Student Success Technologists reach out to all first-year international students at the beginning of each semester to welcome them, highlight services available and provide instructions to complete an assessment. The Student Success team helps students with the assessment process and coaches students on success pathways.

Accuplacer is utilized by a number of higher education institutions in North America, including a number of colleges in Ontario. Accuplacer uses the latest computer-adaptive technology, which means the assessment questions are based on a student’s skill level. No one passes or fails Accuplacer assessments - it is important for students to complete the assessment using their best effort in order to gain an accurate measure of a student’s academic skills and provide the appropriate resources to help students be successful at the College level.

MyLab Writing is a Learning Platform that empowers domestic and international students through self-paced personalized learning to upgrade their English Language skills to succeed at College. MyLab Writing provides targeted skill practice through personalized and adaptive instruction, unique to every student. Starting with the Path Builder, the results inform each student’s learning path and provides a personalized pathway for that student to work on English Language skills through a variety of activities. Access to the MyLab Writing course is through St. Clair College’s learning management system Blackboard and access remains available for all St. Clair College students for up to 24 months.

MyLab Writing includes:

  1. Foundational English Grammar Skills

    • 6 Modules covering basic grammar and English language skills
    • Grammar, Sentence Structure, Voice
  2. College Writing Skills
    • 8 Modules covering college writing skills
    • Punctuation, Usage, Style, Paragraphs, Essays, Researching
  3. Study Skills
    • 1 module covering college study skills
    • Time management, Stress management, Note Taking, Studying, Prepping for Exams

Contact Information:

Reid Innes
Manager, Student Success