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Unemployed? Changing Careers? Need Retraining?

If you have been recently laid off, you may qualify for Second Career, an Ontario government program designed to subsidize the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Come back to school. Obtain a certificate or diploma.

For more information regarding Second Career eligibility:
Windsor: 519-253-4461
Amherstburg: 519-736-2827
Wallaceburg: 519-628-5269

For more information regarding Admissions, Program Requirements, Tuition Fees, etc.:
Windsor: 519-972-2759
Chatham: 519-354-9100


Second Career is an Ontario government program, to help laid-off Ontarians gain skills-training and financial support when an individual qualifies for Second Career.Second Career can help an applicant with the costs of tuition, books, living expenses and other costs associated with the training to build skills for a new career.

St. Clair College is your trusted partner in post-secondary education. Our reputation for providing an unsurpassed quality of education is well known locally and around the world. There are more than 100,000 alumni who have taken their education and advanced their careers to provide great lifestyles for themselves and their family. In fact, our track record for employment after graduation speaks for itself - 88% of grads are employed within six months of graduation.

A college education is tremendous value for the investment - a high-quality education at a fair price. Employers also value a St. Clair College graduate's knowledge and skills and in survey after survey they say it best - 84% of employers are very satisfied with our grads ability to do the job.

The Second Career program aims to help people rejoin the workforce quickly. That is why the program is focusing on supporting training programs that take 52 weeks or less, including micro-credential programs. So, if you're looking to start a new career and get the retraining you need to move forward with your life, St. Clair College is here to help!

Persons who wish to attend training longer than one year can apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for a mix of grants and loans to help them pay for their post-secondary education.

How you qualify for Second Career:

As a start, you qualify for Second Career if:

  • you have been laid off and have not been working
  • you have been laid off and are working a temporary job just to cover costs

If you’re receiving Employment Insurance (EI), or have in the past, you can still apply.

When preparing your application, you also have to show:

  • how long you have been unemployed, or working your temporary job, and looking for work
  • places you have applied and positions you have applied for (for example cover letters, CV and responses from potential employers)
  • level of education obtained
  • previous employment, how long you worked there, and skills that were required
  • what skills you want to obtain and where you can get trained in them

How to Apply:

Second Career starts with connecting with St. Clair College Employment Centre, where an Employment Consultant will help you assess your situation and apply for the Second Career program. Check the list below for the Centre nearest you.  Currently, services through the St. Clair College Employment Centres are being conducted remotely by telephone, email and virtual meetings.  There are no in-person services at this time.

  • St. Clair College Employment Centre - Windsor
    Roundhouse Centre
    3015 Howard Avenue - Unit #2, Windsor, ON
    Tel: 519-253-4461
  • St. Clair College Employment Centre - Wallaceburg/Chatham-Kent
    Country Fair Mall
    60 McNaughton Avenue, Wallaceburg, ON
    Tel: 519-628-5269
  • St. Clair College Employment Centre - Amherstburg
    Fort Malden Plaza
    400 Sandwich Street South, Amherstburg, ON
    Tel: 519-736-2827

St. Clair College is pleased to offer advice and support to individuals researching their second career options. Please contact us with any questions regarding Admissions, Program Requirements, Tuition Fees, etc.!

Windsor: 519-972-2759
Chatham: 519-354-9100

Which Second Career applications are being fast tracked

While the Second Career program is open to all laid-off workers and jobseekers, priority is given to applications for people who were laid off because of COVID-19 and want to retrain for jobs in sectors that have good potential for future employment.

Applications that meet all the following criteria will go through a faster approval process, helping people get access to training sooner:

  • The applicant was laid off on or after March 1, 2020.
  • The applicant has high school education or less, or was laid off from an occupation requiring no more than a high school education and job specific training, such as food and beverage servers, flight attendants, and retail salespersons.
  • The applicant was laid off from an industry hit hard by the pandemic, such as hospitality and food services, transportation and warehousing or wholesale and retail trade.

The applicant wants to train for a career in demand in local communities or provincial priority areas.

What you pay into Second Career

When you apply to Second Career, you have to show the costs to be covered during training.

You may have to pay part of these costs yourself. The amount you’ll have to pay is based on several things, starting with your gross (before tax) household income.

Eligible Programs at St. Clair College:

Please note, program funding decisions are made by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) based on each individual’s Second Career application, and there is no guarantee which programs will be funded. Speak with your Employment Consultant for full details of program eligibility.