In-Service Teacher Training Certificate Program | St. Clair College
Please note: The In-Service Teacher Training Program is no longer accepting new enrolment. Module registration is restricted to current participants only. Please contact if you have questions regarding this program.

This program is NOT available to the general public. It is for faculty within the CAAT system as a means of professional development.

This self-directed course of study is for new and experienced teachers, without formal training in the education field, who would like to learn more about teaching and learning.

We believe that the In-Service Teacher Training Certificate Program is interesting, practical and worth your time. Based on adult education principles, it offers an opportunity for professional renewal that will have a long-term impact on teaching in the community college system in our province.

The program itself is highly experiential and available online or through traditional mail service. You begin by developing a baseline assessment of your current teaching ability. As you advance through the various modules, assignments are designed to allow you to apply what you are learning into your teaching. The final module creates an opportunity for you to enhance knowledge and skill in your area of expertise and integrate all that you have learned about teaching into the final capstone activity. The focus of this program is not in any specific content area, but rather on the skills that you all need to be successful in The Process of Teaching.

All program participants must obtain credit for each of the six (6) modules. Modules 1 and 6 are compulsory. You may obtain advanced credit standing for the remaining modules based on prior learning assessment or direct credit transfer.

Long service professors (10 years post-probation) and professors who are in receipt of "professors of excellence" awards are only required to complete Module I and VI. If you have under 10 years post-probationary seniority, you are required to complete all 6 modules unless you are granted transfer credits. (See the policy manual regarding transfer credits).

Excerpt from letter RE: Access to the Salary Schedule Maximum from the Council of Regents and Ontario Public Service Employees Union, dated June 28, 2006: (Page 88 of the Collective Agreement - September 1, 2005 - August 31, 2009) "Employees who have 15 years or more of service and whose maximum step is currently below the maximum on the salary schedule and who enroll and participate in the program shall receive (once only) an immediate one-step salary progression, to a maximum of the salary schedule, and shall maintain that Step upon maintaining satisfactory performance in the program".