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Hourly + HST



Hourly + HST



*A minimum of 2 lifeguards is required for all rentals




Lifeguard to Swimmer Ratios:

2 lifeguards: 26-75 occupants
3 lifeguards: 76-125 occupants
4 lifeguards: 126-175 occupants
Occupants Include All Patrons on the Deck and in the Pool


250 persons (no obstructions - Pool & Deck), 210 persons (Viewing/Spectator Gallery 2nd floor)

Payment / Insurance:

Full payment is required prior to the start of the event. If the Renter is not employed by or is not a student of St. Clair College, Proof of Insurance for the Rental must be obtained and submitted. St. Clair College may be added to the individual’s / organization’s insurance as an “Additional Insured” for the date, time and activities planned for the rental. As an alternative, Insurance may also be obtained through the Ontario Colleges ‐ User Group Insurance Program. Upon request, a package with purchasing instructions can be obtained by the Aquatics Supervisor. Please call 519-972-2727 ext 4503.