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This service is available for St. Clair College students, faculty and staff:

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Interlibrary Loan Policy/Procedure
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The Library Resource Centre offers an interlibrary loan service for students, faculty and staff to borrow books from other Ontario Community Colleges. Interlibrary Loan is a service that supports the mission of the library by providing enhanced access to library materials and information. The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials not available in the library and to provide material from the collection to other college libraries.

The St. Clair College Library affirms that interlibrary loan is an adjunct to, not a substitute for the library's collection. In meeting patron needs, the library will exhaust local resources first, including its own, before requesting items for interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary loan is a transaction in which the St. Clair College Library borrows materials directly from another institution on behalf of a patron, or another library borrows materials from the St. Clair College Library on behalf of its patrons.


The Interlibrary form must be used for requests made online and in-person.


Local requests will be governed by the loan periods of the other institution. Materials sent from St. Clair College will have a four week loan period. Renewals must be requested before the due date.


  • Newly-acquired books and items that are in popular demand (course-related)
  • Teacher Reserve
  • Local History
  • Reference materials
The SCC Library will keep its interlibrary loan policy up-to-date and make it available to users and other libraries upon request.

What is Document Delivery?

Document Delivery's primary objective is to extend and improve Document Delivery for the St. Clair College Community through the use of new technologies and increased cooperation among libraries and document suppliers.
You are trying to locate a specific article and/or document in print. You have exhausted the LRC's entire print and electronic collection of resources. You need the exact title but cannot locate it!. Submit your request and every effort will be made to locate this title(s) through an accredited document delivery supplier or broker.
Document Delivery is available for St. Clair College Students and for Faculty requiring material for classroom instruction! Personal requests will not be accepted.
See Library Staff for more details!

These materials must support classroom instruction or be used for College-related research.

Canadian copyright law permits limited reproduction of material for purposes of private study, research, criticism or review only. Your ILL request may be rejected if these limitations are superceded.

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