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  • No CELL PHONES allowed. If they are left in your backpacks at the front of the lab, please make sure they are turned off.

  • Leave all COATS and HATS on the coat racks located in the lab

  • HATS (including baseball caps) may be permitted if inspected by the proctor, who may request that the hat be worn backwards in the testing lab

  • BOOKS, PENCIL CASES and BACKPACKS must be kept at the front of the lab

  • NOTHING at your desk except pencils, pens and erasers (NO pencil cases)

  • FOOD AND DRINK: Liquids in a clear plastic bottle (no labels) is allowed. No other FOOD or DRINK allowed unless it is specified on your accommodation plan; or quiet food may be permitted if the duration of your test is more than 4 hours

  • No JUMP DRIVES/COMPACT DISCS allowed unless specified by your instructor

  • ELECTRONIC DEVICES are PROHIBITED (These include, but are not limited to: iPods, MP3 players, cameras, programmable calculators, personal computers, headsets, etc.)

  • A $25 FEE is charged for MAKE-UP TESTS unless acceptable documentation is presented to the Learning Commons receptionist for review by the Manager (example: a doctor's note). Payment is made in our Finance department, located in room 345. We encourage make-up tests to be written between 4:00-9:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays.
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