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Accommodation Statement

The College will provide supports and services to all students with disabilities, both temporary and permanent, with valid supporting documentation. Interim accommodation requests will be received in good faith and can be provided pending receipt of medical documentation. Retroactive accommodations will be considered based on the unique circumstances of the individual matter. The College will give all Human Rights Code-related requests for accommodation meaningful consideration.

Procedure: The student is responsible to meet with a counsellor in Accessibility Services to discuss their functional limitations and accommodation needs and provide Accessibility Services with supporting documentation. Students are not required under the Ontario Human Rights Code to disclose their disability diagnosis (with the exception of Learning Disabilities) to receive accessibility supports and services and/or academic accommodations. Students are encouraged to meet with a counsellor prior to the start of a semester to provide information and arrange accommodations.

How to Receive Services

To book an appointment with a college counsellor you may use any of the following methods:

Main: (519) 972-2727 ext. 4226 • • Room 206
Chatham: (519) 354-9100 ext. 3306 • • Room 133
SCCCA/MediaPlex: (519) 972-2727 ext. 4348 • • Room 127

Questions or Concerns? We value your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Accessibility Services, please e-mail studentservices
or call 519- 972-2727 ext 4226.

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