Memory Lane

1980's: First Woman Athlete to Receive Hall of Fame Recognition

Mary Lou Zakoor was a force to be reckoned with on the court in the early 70’s. As a member of the Volleyball team between 1970 – 1972, she represented the true spirit of sportsmanship on and off the court. In fact, then Director of Athletics, Al Hoffman signed the certificate inducting her as the first woman to the Saints Hall of Fame in 1981 recognizing her for excellence in sportsmanship on and off the court!

Mary Lou returned to her alma mater this past weekend to celebrate the College’s 50th Homecoming. She is seen here with Alumni Heather Lockson (nee Howell) in the VIP Lounge at the SportsPlex.

Heather Lockson (Howell) and Mary Lou Zakoor at 50th homecoming

  • Hall of Fame Certificate for Mary Lou Zakoor
  • Mary Lou Zakoor and others with trophies
  • 1972 womens volleyball team photo