50 Acts From the Heart

St. Clair Students Restore 1913 Cannon

May 24, 2017

It’s our 50th anniversary here at St. Clair College and along with that comes our ’50 Acts from the Heart’.

The latest act comes courtesy of our Mechanical Engineering Program.

For the past five years, through a partnership with the Heart of Georgia Technical College, St. Clair staff and students have been restoring a 1913 cannon used during the First World War.

Professor Kevin Hodson says over the years around 40 students have helped with the project with a goal of, “Giving back to the community to help preserve our Canadian heritage.”

This is the second cannon the students have restored with the first one going to the Heritage Village Canadian Transportation Museum.

Hodson says the second cannon will likely end up at the Kingsville Historical Park Museum.

  • Cannon Restoration banner