50 Acts From the Heart

Current Faculty Helping New Staff Feel At Home

March 27, 2017

It’s our 50th anniversary here at St. Clair College and we’ve been giving back to the community with our ’50 Acts from the Heart’. But our latest act is a little different…

For the past two years, current staff have been supporting incoming staff through the ‘Faculty Mentoring Program’ with a goal of making them feel at home in their new careers.

Nursing Professor and mentor, Deb Ferrari, says everybody was new once.

“I think it’s important that we remember where we were at, what we needed and what we could do better. With our incoming faculty it’s really important that we do this.”

Gina Bondy is a Nursing Professor and mentor as well. She says it’s important to give back.

“I feel that mentoring is a part of our job as faculty. It is part of giving back and it’s our responsibility to new staff in moving forward in their careers.”

More than a dozen St. Clair faculty meet with new staff about once a month for the mentoring program.

If you’re a faculty member and might be interested in getting involved contact the Centre of Academic Excellence for more information.

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