Practical Nursing
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Centre of Applied Health Sciences, Windsor
  • Program Length:
  • Two Year - Ontario College Diploma (5 Semesters)
  • Starts:
  • South Campus - Windsor: September 2015 and January 2016
    Thames Campus - Chatham: Septemeber 2015

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

To all NEW (entering) and RETURNING students:

The clinical clearance process has changed this year and will be handled in-house at St. Clair College. Click here for details. If you have any questions please contact the nursing office at South Campus at 519-972-2727 Ex 4227, Thames Campus at 519-354-9100 Ex 3244, or the Chair of the School of Nursing, Linda Watson, at either campus Ex. 3233.

Health/Clinical Placement Requirements


All new and returning students need to be cleared for attendance in the clinical setting. This clearance involves meeting both medical and non-medical requirements. Please click "Medical & Non-Medical Clinical Placement Requirements" for the list of items required for each type of clearance depending on your program and semester. Your medical and non-medical documents will be reviewed to ensure you meet the requirements to attend clinical at our placement sites. Please note that these requirements are not St. Clair College requirements but requirements of our placement agencies that allow us to come for clinical experience. Each program and semester will have DIFFERENT dates for clinical clearance to avoid lineups.

Collaborative BScN Program:

First semester - October 31st - November 25th, 2016
Third semester - August 1st - August 26th, 2016

Practical Nursing Program:

First Semester - September 6th - 23rd, 2016
Third Semester - August 1st - August 26th, 2016

Personal Support Worker Program:

First Semester - September 19th - October 14th, 2016

Section A: Medical clearance will be done at our Health Centres at both South Campus and Thames Campus. Please call 519-972-2380 to make an appointment, in your date range, to have this clearance completed. You will find the medical form when you click here "Medical & Non-Medical Clinical Placement Requirements" and look under 'MANDATORY MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS - SECTION A'. You can have your health care provider complete the form with you or you can have one of our health nurses complete it with you. If your own health care provider completes the form you will still need to make an appointment with the Health Centre to have your documents examined to ensure the clinical requirements have been met. Every student entering clinical placement must have had an appointment with our Health Centre to have their health requirements cleared and documented. No health documents should be provided to anyone except the health nurse.

Section B: Non-medical clearance will be done in the following way. Please place the ORIGINALS of all your documents, which are required for non-medical clearance, in a large brown envelope and label the outside with your name, student number and your program. You will find a "Non-medical Clinical Requirement Checklist" when you click "Medical & Non-Medical Clinical Placement Requirements" and look under 'MANDATORY NON-MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS - SECTION B'. Print that checklist off, fill it in and go over the documents you are placing in the envelope to ensure you are not missing anything, then place the checklist in your envelope with your ORIGINAL documents. Your original documents will be returned to you after your clinical clearance has been completed. It is strongly advised that you take a photocopy of all your documents and keep that photocopy for your records until your original documents are returned. Bring your ORIGINAL documents and the checklist in the envelope to our nursing office.

  • At our South Campus our nursing office is located in the Centre for Applied Health Sciences building room 3314.
  • At our Thames Campus in Chatham our nursing office is located on the second floor of the main campus building in room 200

At the nursing office our staff will open your envelope in your presence and ensure all your ORIGINAL documents are present and accounted for. Both you and our staff will sign off that your ORIGINALS are there. Your documents will then be forwarded to our trained staff to examine and ensure you have met all the non-medical clinical requirements. Your documents will be kept strictly confidential. Your clinical clearance status will be documented on our secure system. Your ORIGINAL documents will be returned to you in the envelope after the clinical clearance has been completed. You can pick up your sealed envelopes from the coordinator of your program.

We are very happy to welcome you to the school of nursing. This clinical clearance may seem onerous but it is critical to you being permitted to attend clinical in your program. I want to thank you for your attention to these details. If you have any questions please contact me at:

Linda Watson, Chair School of Nursing
Chatham 519-354-9100 Ex. 3233
Windsor 519-972-2727 Ex. 3233

OSSD with the majority of courses at the College (C), University (U), University/College (M) or Open (O) level plus:
  • Grade 12 English - ENG4U, ENG4C, EAE4C or EAE4U
  • Grade 12 Math (C) or (U)
  • Senior Level Chemistry (C) or (U)
  • Senior Level Biology (C) or (U)

Mature students - See Admission Procedures for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE - This is an OVERSUBSCRIBED program. Important information about how applicants are ranked for entry into this program can be found here.

For high school applicants, all of your Grade 11 courses and the first semester of your Grade 12 courses will be averaged and ranked in order to make the selection for acceptance into this program. When final grades are released applicants must meet the minimum requirement in mandatory courses.

The College of Nurses of Ontario requires fluency in written and spoken English.

This 2 year Practical Nursing diploma program is fully accredited by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

Program Approval Review Summary (PDF)

The curriculum is comprised of theoretical and clinical experiences utilizing the CNO conceptual framework and nursing process. This strong foundation prepares students to practice safely, competently and ethically in situations of health and illness with individuals, families, groups and communities across the lifespan.

The overall program goals and objectives are aligned with the current College Of Nurses Entry to Practice Competencies for the Registered Practical Nurse. Clinical experiences are provided throughout Windsor and Essex County/Chatham and Kent County in health care agencies such as hospitals, long term care facilities, clinics and community settings.

After successful completion of the Practical Nursing diploma program, graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Registered Practical Nurse Examination (CRPNE) which is administered by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Please visit the CNO website for more detailed information at

  • The program is fully accredited by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).
  • Small, personal class sizes.
  • Hands on training in a state of the art nursing lab with simulation technology.
  • Peer mentorship and tutor support.
  • Comprehensive, clinical placement experiences with a preceptor in hospital and/or community settings (10 weeks in total).
  • After successful completion of the Practical Nursing diploma program, graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Registered Practical Nurse Examination (CRPNE) which is administered by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).
  • Practical Nursing Diploma Receives CNO Approval Status

There are a wide variety of employment opportunities in a number of diverse settings in which a graduate can practice. This includes hospitals, long term care facilities, community health care agencies, physician offices and clinics, private homes and practice.

In order to successfully progress thorugh the curriculum and function as a practical nurse, prospective students should review the following information regarding general demands and performance expectations for a career in nursing:
  • Requisite Skills and Abilities for nursing practice in Ontario
  • Program Physical Demands Analysis: H863 / K963
  • Students are responsible for their own travel and costs to clinical placements
  • Students are required to submit all medical/non-medical documentation to Paramed for clinical clearance at their own cost
  • Students are responsible for the cost of scrub uniforms/footwear and equipment such as stethoscope, a watch with a second hand and other incidentals as required
  • Clinical placements schedules may include shifts on days, afternoons, weekends and holidays throughout the program based on clinical need and agency availability

The standard tuition and compulsory fees for the current academic year:

2016-2017 Tuition Fees

For programs with Experiential Learning (Work Placement/Internship): Costs for accommodation, if needed, travel and related expenses is at the student's own expense. It is recommended for most programs, that students have access to a laptop or desktop computer while away from home during experiential learning periods.

Textbooks and other materials are in addition to Tuition Fees. Textbook prices may be found through the Bookstore website.

Please be aware that tuition and compulsory fees are subject to adjustment each year. The College reserves the right to change, amend or alter fees as necessary without notice or prejudice.

For students starting their program in January, semester delivery is scheduled as follows:

Semester One Winter
Semester Two Spring/Summer
Semester Break / No Classes Fall
Semester Three Winter
Semester Four Spring/Summer
Semester Five / Pre-Grad Fall

Convocation for a January intake of graduates will take place in June of the year following Semester Five.


Course Name
Semester 1
Intro to the Practice of Nursing
Nursing Clinical I
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology
General Education Elective

Semester 2
Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Health Assessment (2+1 Lab)
Nursing Theory IIA
Nursing Theory IIB
Nursing Clinical II
Course Name
Semester 3
Nursing Theory IIIA
Nursing Theory IIIB
Community Health
Nursing Clinical IIIA
PNR 312
Nursing Clinical IIIB
General Education Elective
General Education Elective

Semester 4
Management Leadership & Research
Nursing Theory IVA
Nursing Theory IV B
Nursing Clinical IV

Semester 5
Comprehensive Clinical Experience I *
Comprehensive Clinical Experience II

* This clinical experience will occur at the discretion of the Chair as it will occur after semester 2 in Windsor and after semester 4 in Chatham.