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I love radio. When I thought about a career, I wanted to be a jock (personality), but found myself reading news a lot and watching newscasts whenever I had free time. I decided Journalism would be my best choice because not only do you learn the basics for radio and radio reporting, you also get the convergence part as well, (print writing, television broadcast, beat reporting, photography, podcasting, computer design, and web page creation also known as HTML) which are all VITAL in any news outlet nowadays.

I graduated from St. Clair in May of 2009 and two months later I found a radio station in Fort McMurray, Alberta (CHFT FM, or 100.5 K-Rock) who was looking for a news reporter. I went through the interview process and I actually used the portfolio I made in class.

The station felt I had the proper technical skills to do the job which my boss said was due to the converged training I received. Every day it is my responsibility to cover the news that matters on a local, provincial and national scale. I am also responsible for the photography component on our company website.

The faculty at St Clair College helped me get where I am today. They were willing to work one on one with me and were always happy to give some extra help with things I didn’t understand. This program opened a world of opportunities, some of which most students won’t even discover until they have finished the program. You just have to be willing to put the effort out there and go for it. Without the convergence background, I wouldn’t be working in the field. With the way the media is evolving having the extra skills is something I’m grateful for.

Thanks to all of the professors for making this possible, and helping me discover my potential.

Nic Lindsay
Alumni, Journalism, 2009
News Reporter
CHFT-FM, Fort McMurray, Alberta