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Marcy McIntosh
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This program is a pre-apprenticeship program which delivers 3 semesters in one year, with enrollment starting in September. A grade 12 diploma (OSSD) or equivalent is required in order to be considered for entry into the program. This program requires 1500 in-school vocational hours plus 135 General Education hours totaling 1635 hours (33 vocational hours and 3 general education per week) and 2000 on the job in a salon.

Attendance is mandatory in all lecture and lab sessions.

Since this program is very popular, it is important that all applications are in by Feb. 1 of the same year in order to be considered.

Key Features
  • Clinical and lab experience
  • Students can earn apprenticeship credits
  • Industry specific field trips
  • Participating in charity events

Approximate Cost: $8,117.89
The cost includes tuition for 3 semesters, compulsory fees and required student kit.
*International student fees will vary.

Already working as a Hairstylist? - Get certified with our Apprenticeship Program!

Career Options
A typical entry level position involves being an assistant to a hairstylist attaining an additional 2000 hours of on the job training. These hours, in conjunction with the 1500 in-school hours will meet the Ministry's required hours of training. This total training would make the Apprentice eligible to challenge the Certificate of Qualification Exam upon successful completion of this exam they would become a Licensed Hairstylist.

How to Apply
The online application at is the quickest and easiest way to apply. If you are currently enrolled in an Ontario Secondary School and prefer to use the paper application, you must obtain the appropriate form from your school.

If you are not currently enrolled in an Ontario Secondary School and would like to use the paper application, please call the College at 519-972-2759 to request one.


HDR 150 Ethics, Regulation and Policy
Includes: Professional Ethics, Workplace Standards, Government Regulations, Occupational Health & Safety, WHIMIS, MSDS

HDR 151 Health & Safety I
Includes: Occupational Health & Safety Act, WHIMIS, MSDS, Sanitation, Disinfection & Infection Control

HDR 152 Professional Development
Includes: Professional Image, Career Goals & Success Strategies

HDR 153 Client Service
Includes: Consultation Techniques, Client Service Strategies, Properties of Hair & Scalp

HDR 154 Preparatory Procedures & Treatments
Includes: Shampoo & Draping Techniques, Hair & Scalp Analysis, Scalp & Hair Treatment

HDR 155 Cut Hair I
Includes: Elevated & Non-Elevated haircuts on wet hair, Use of Stationary & Traveling Guidelines

HDR 135 Style Hair I
Includes: Techniques in Wet & Dry Hair Styling, Elements of Design, Product Knowledge

HDR 157 Permanent Wave Hair I
Includes: Effect of Permanent Wave Processes on the Hair, Permanent Wave Applications

HDR 158 Colour & Lighten Hair I
Includes: Knowledge of the Colour Wheel, Level System of Colour, Colour Categories, Application Methods for Tint Retouch, Highlight & Lowlight Application Techniques


HDR 252 Health & Safety II
Includes: Employer & Employee Responsibilities in the Workplace, Fundamental of Electrical Safety

HDR 250 Entrepreneurial Skills I
Includes: Appointment Management Practices, Reception Duties, Communication Skills

HDR 255 Cut Hair II
Includes: Elevated and Non-Elevated Haircuts on Wet & Dry Hair, Tapered Haircutting & Beard Trimming, Texturizing Techniques on Wet & Dry Hair

HDR 235 Style Hair II
Includes: Techniques in Wet & Dry Hairstyling, Formal Hairstyling for Prom or Weddings including Updo's

HDR 257 Permanent Wave Hair II
Includes: Advanced Perm Techniques, Introduction to Specialized Perm Tools

HDR 259 Chemically Relax Hair I
Includes: Effect of Chemical Relaxing Processes on the Hair, Tools & Equipment used to achieve various Level of Straightness

HDR 258 Colour & Lighten Hair II
Includes: Hair Lightening, Toning, Colour Formulation, Virgin Hair Application, Double Process Hair Colouring, Foil Placement


HDR 350 Entrepreneurial Skills II
Includes: Market, Promotional & Sales Strategies, Time Management & Conflict Resolution

HDR 355 Cut Hair III
Includes: Wet & Dry Haircutting, Customized & Texturized Haircuts, Beard Trimming & Men's Haircutting

HDR 335 Style Hair III
Includes: Formal Hairstyling, Updo's, Bridal Work & Braiding

HDR 359 Chemically Relax Hair II
Includes: Product Knowledge, Application Techniques for Chemical Hair Relaxing

HDR 358 Colour & Lighten Hair III
Includes: Colour Correction Techniques, Colour Removers, Colour Formulation, Tint Back Application, Foil Placement

HDR 351 Hair Additions
Includes: Fitting, Cutting, Styling & Colouring selected Hair Additions such as Wigs, Hairpieces &/or Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long is the program?
1 year, 3 semesters, from September to August. This program requires 1500 in-school vocational hours plus 135 General Education hours totaling 1635 hours (33 vocational hours and 3 general education per week) and 2000 on the job in a salon.
2. When should you apply?
Application should be in no later than February 1st of that year, to qualify for equal consideration.
3. How are the students selected?
The program requires a grade 12 diploma (OSSD).
4. How many students in the Program?
We accept max 60 students per year - 2 sections of 30
5. What is the cost?
Approx. $8,000. Includes 3 semesters of tuition, compulsory fees and required student kit.
6. What is the schedule like?
Approximately 33 vocational hours per week, plus 3 hours per week of General Education courses. Monday to Friday. Attendance is compulsory. Students must be prepared to participate in all aspects of this trade requiring both male and female interaction.
7. Do you have a dress code?
Lab coats must be worn when doing practical work. No jeans, shorts or hats. Closed toe shoes must be worn in all labs/clinicals.

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