Technical Project

One of the high lights of our Chem. Lab. Program is our technical project in the last semester. Once a week for a full day the students works on a chemistry project of their own design or that given by a local company/organization. A quick list of some local companies/organizations that have taken students in past few years is:

University of Windsor, West Windsor Pollution Control Plant, Leamington Pollution Control Plant, Heinz, Mahle (used to be Siemens), Harrow Research Station, Hiram Walker, Chromeshield, Accucaps, ITW foils, Allied Chemical, Ferous Trading (Zalev's), Commonwealth Oil, Commercial Alcohols, BASF, Suncor, JelCell, Dainty Foods, Windsor Salt, Newalta, Jamieson, Canada Colors, ECO Analytical, EnWin Utilities, Maple Roll Leaf. Rockwell International, Hallmark Technologies, Pelee Island Winery and more.

Some students enjoy the idea of working with a local industry while others enjoy taking on independent projects of interest. For example this past semester one student successfully made and isolated the components in the biodiesel derived from palm kernel oil. A follow up project is to synthesize the biodiesel from algae! Anyway you look at it this is a real opportunity for the student to develop confidence in their own chemistry abilities. Their is also a presentation that all the graduates give when they are done.