Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry at St. Clair goes well beyond what any other college in Ontario offers. The four organic courses provide an extensive tour of modern organic chemistry. The approach is by functional group and the use of mechanism the norm. The textbook that we are currently using is the 7th edition McMurry, Organic Chemistry. We cover chapters 3 through 28 and supplement the spectroscopy chapters with Pavia's 4th edition, Introduction to Spectroscopy.

The use of spectroscopy is crucial in chemistry these days and we utilize it heavily in the labs. IR is introduced in CHM 325, 1H and 13C NMR is introduced in CHM 427 and UV and MS is introduced in CHM 527. Thin Layer Chromatography is also used throughout all the organic labs and HPLC is utilized in CHM 527. Some evidence to support the quality of our organic is provided by the work of Sinisa Djurdjevic who in his third year completed his technical project at the University of Windsor with Dr. Jim Green (See potential research work to the left). Not only did his work get published but his ability to work effectively and independently in the research lab was duly noted.