In-Service Teacher Training - Cover Letter
In-Service Teacher Training
This letter from the Program Office is part of your request for a supervisor or peer letter.

Dear Colleague:

An instructor in the In-Service Teacher Training Certificate Program has asked you to complete this form to attest to his/her knowledge in specific areas of Modules II through V. Your letter will help this teacher as he/she attempts to receive advanced credit in the program.

Your comments are very important because they provide evidence that the teacher has learned what he/she claims. Here are some guidelines that we hope will help as you write your comments:

    •Review the module outcomes.

    •Remember that this is a documentation/attestation rather than a recommendation. We are more interested in verifying the teacher's prior learning of teaching skills than predicting future performance.

    •Assess whether or not the individual can perform the outcome or objective: Use examples, whenever possible to help us to make our determination on behalf of the potential student.

    •Sign this form and send it to the teacher who requested that you write the letter. Keep a copy for yourself. The teacher will forward your letter to us with other documentation.

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful and candid assessment.

For the Program Team,

Program Support Officer

Tina Demers,
Continuing Education Officer
519-972-2727 ext. 2798


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