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Here's one trainee's recommendation...

"Emidio (the trainer) was entertaining and engaged. I would strongly recommend this instructor for any other course. Emidio did a great job providing in-class demos and life examples to help remember the material. I really appreciate his dedication and commitment to this training." - Mike Trisic (April 2019)

The Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Program (MLCP) is supervisory training designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, in collaboration with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) and your community colleges. The MLCP's success is based on practical and relevant content, flexible scheduling and on-site delivery of courses.

MLCP consists of the following FIVE courses:

  • Supervisory Skills for Business and Industry (CNT 351N)
  • Coaching and Developing People (CNT 352N)
  • Developing Effective Teams (CNT 353N)
  • Continuous Improvement Processes (CNT 354N)
  • The Business of Tomorrow (CNT 571N)
CNT 354N
On completion of this course, participants will have available a wide range of tools and techniques for the practical application of Continuous Improvement in their workplace. The material will cover the standard approaches in the quality movement; (e.g. 6-sigma, TQM), plus the shift to Lean Manufacturing and the ramifications to cost, inventory and scheduling. Project management will be introduced and the participants will undertake their own work-related project. Course 10 weeks; 30 hours. $425, text extra.
WINDSOR 150 (3308) Apr 25-Jun 27, THU, 6:00P-9:00P
WINDSOR 159 (3309) Apr 25-Jun 27, THU, 6:00P-9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company invoiced.)
CNT 571N
There are two great pressures on manufacturing today; both related to change. One is the geo-political, or global economy, the other is the expectations placed on each of us, as individuals, to cope with a very different workforce and a very dynamic workplace. This material covers the information that will help the supervisor deal with these issues and answer the questions that arise daily in the workplace. The course includes: implementing change, the impacts from global competitors, understanding the 'mosaic' workforce, committing to continuous learning and helping others to do the same.
WINDSOR 150 (3310) Apr 23-Jun 25, TUE, 6:00P-9:00P
WINDSOR 159 (3311) Apr 23-Jun 25, TUE, 6:00P-9:00P (Register for this section # to have your company)

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