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Why business analysis training? With the rapid changes that are taking place in industry, companies need to be able to respond quickly, focus resources and deliver quality products... on time and within budget. In response to these needs, leading and progressive companies are becoming more project driven. Business Analysts are the link between the customer and the project. They have the task of identifying the customer needs and translating these into user/stakeholder requirements. These requirements, along with functional (solution), quality of service (nonfunctional), and implementation (transition) requirements are in turn used to develop new customer- focused products, processes, services and systems. KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

This 3 day seminar is in compliance with the Global Standards of IIBA® and PMI®. It incorporates proven business analysis processes with techniques instruction. Participants will operate in small teams (4-6 per team) to learn and implement business analysis processes. Each team will use the processes taught in class to plan and execute a real-to-life requirements planning, gathering, analyzing and management experience. This course teaches you the essentials of business analysis, including key roles and responsibilities, as well as understanding all of the key steps in the business requirements process - from customer identification to customer satisfaction. Processes covered include - business analysis planning, communicating & management; Analyzing business needs & determining solution scope; Eliciting, documenting & validating stakeholder requirements; Analyzing, specifying, modeling & verifying requirements; and Assessing & validating business solutions.
CNT 308N
This one-day workshop will investigate communication processes and strategies for the workplace, with an opportunity to investigate proven strategies designed to improve communication processes and systems on both a personal and organizational level. Participants will also reflect on personal communication strengths and weaknesses. Topics will include:
  • Communication Theory
  • Defining Communication
  • The Communication Process
  • Communicators and Communication Systems
  • Personal Communication Systems
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Strategies for Improving Communication
  • Personal Action Plan
CNT 442N
This one-day workshop is designed to introduce and reinforce the skills required by service providers to ensure effective and consistent customer service in all sectors of their organization. Topics will include:
  • Identification of the Client (Customer)
  • The Need for Effective Communication Skills
  • The Importance of Teambuilding
  • Dealing Effectively with Difficult People
  • Effective Strategies for Conflict Resolution
  • The Role of the Employee as an Individual and as Part of the Organization
CNT 578N
This workshop will enable you to become assertive and will provide you with the opportunity to practice assertive techniques that help you to maintain control, poise, and composure. Training topics will include:
  • The Values of Assertiveness
  • How To Become Assertive
  • Control Your Mind
  • Use Your Freedom To Choose
  • Tools for Developing Assertiveness
  • Assertive vs. Aggressive
  • Factors That Hold Us Back
  • Building an Assertive Person in Myself
  • Assertive Communication Techniques
  • How To Deal with Toxic People
CNT 577N
It is inevitable to go through life or work without problems: we are all faced with them! Solving them effectively and efficiently is an essential skill. This one-day workshop will focus on fact-finding techniques and problem-solving methodology. Topics will include:
  • Five Types of Thinking
  • Six Steps in the Problem Solving Approach
  • Six Fact Finding Techniques
  • Planning and Opportunity Seeking – Proactive Ways of Problem Solving
  • Practice Through: discussions, role playing and group activities.
CNT 642N
This half-day workshop will examine the footings of anger and expressions of hostile behaviour and rage. Participants will learn techniques for dealing with anger and coping skills and will practice this through interactive role play. Topics will include:
  • Anger, Hostility and Rage Defined
  • Road Rage
  • Testing Your Anger Coping Skills
  • Techniques for Dealing With Your Anger
  • Techniques for Dealing With Difficult People
  • The Benefits of Dealing With Your Anger
CNT 581N
This half-day workshop will focus on the structure of inductive and deductive arguments and the strength of different types of arguments based on specific criteria. Participants will learn to identify the issue at hand and how to find the conclusion in a variety of arguments. Topics will include:
  • What Is An Argument?
  • What Is An Issue?
  • Conclusions and How To Find Them
  • Premises
  • Critical Thinking Process
  • Reflection
  • What Is Critical Thinking?
  • What Are Critical Thinkers Like?
  • Critical Thinking Abilities
  • Partial Claims
  • Tests, Studies and Surveys
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Criteria For Strong Arguments

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