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New Fall/Winter courses will be posted soon.

At St. Clair College, our list of available learning opportunities is always growing and evolving in order to meet community needs. This is just a sample of the exciting new courses which have been added to the Continuing Education schedule.

Health Sciences

Mental Health First Aid
CNT 683N
One in three Canadians will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life. The earlier a problem is detected and treated, the better the outcome. Mental Health First Aid Canada gives people the skills to provide that early help that is so important in recovery. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Just as physical first aid is administered to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained, MHFA is given until appropriate treatment is found or until the crisis is resolved. The MHFA Canada program aims to improve mental health literacy, and provide the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague. The program does not teach people how to be therapists. It does teach people how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, provide initial help, and guide a person towards appropriate professional help. The course will cover: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, substance use disorder, suicidal behaviour, overdoses, panic attacks, reactions to traumatic events, and psychotic episodes.
$150.00 (tuition $109.75, materials $35.00 + HST)
WINDSOR 070 May 28, 29, Sat, Sun, 9:00A-4:30P
WINDSOR 071 June 25, 26, Sat, Sun, 9:00A-4:30P
WINDSOR 072 Aug 27, 28, Sat, Sun, 9:00A-4:30P
HSC 147N
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada's Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support course is totally redesigned for healthcare providers who either direct or participate in the resuscitation of a patient, whether in or out of hospital. Through the ACLS course, providers will enhance their skills in the treatment of the adult victim of a cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary emergencies. ACLS emphasizes the importance of basic life support CPR to patient survival; the integration of effective basic life support with advanced cardiovascular life support interventions; and the importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation. ACLS is based on simulated clinical scenarios that encourage active, hands-on participation through learning stations where students will practice essential skills individually, as part of a team, and as team leader. Realistic simulations reinforce the following key concepts: proficiency in basic life support care; recognizing and initiating early management of pre-arrest conditions; managing cardiac arrest; identifying and treating ischemic chest pain and acute coronary syndromes; recognizing other life-threatening clinical situations (such as stroke) and providing initial care; ACLS algorithms; and effective resuscitation team dynamics. Intended Audience: The course is designed for medical providers such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other health care professionals who may respond to a cardiovascular emergency. Successful completion of the course will result in certification in ACLS for 2 years through HFSC under the New 2015 HSFC Guidelines. Pre-requisite: Current BCLS for HCP. Minimum Enrollment 7. $350.00.
WINDSOR 070 June 17, 18, 19 Fri, 6:00P-10:00P, Sat, 8:00A-5:00P, Sun, 8:00A-12:00P
HSC 148N
This course will provide the student with instruction in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS.) The student will receive update lectures on EKG interpretation, ACLS Pharmacology, Algorithms, Acute Coronary Syndromes, Stroke and Airway Management. Case based scenarios are facilitated in groups within a real time interactive learning environment. Successful completion of the course will result in certification in ACLS for 2 years through HFSC under the New 2015 HSFC Guidelines. Pre-requisite: Current ACLS and BCLS for HCP. Minimum Enrollment 7. $325.00.
WINDSOR 070 Apr 23 Sat, 8:00A-5:00P

Creative Studies

GNR 1670N
Learn the art of stand-up comedy from Leo Dufour, professional comedian. Learn the fundamentals of stand-up comedy, the underlying psychology, how to write a joke, delivering a joke with confidence and conviction, timing, speed of delivery, rhythm, stage presence, use of a microphone, strategies for interacting with audience members, and how to handle a heckler. The course will include an opportunity to perform in front of a live audience! $248.60 (tuition $220.00 HST $28.60).
WINDSOR 070 2088 Jun 12 and 19 Sun, 1:00P-4:00P, plus practice experience Jun 17 or 18
GNR 900N
Designed for adults who have always wanted to write but struggle with getting their words from thought to paper, Write/Right Your Story offers supportive listening and encouraging feedback to empower the writing process. Unlike traditional writing courses which focus on grammar, spelling or the technicalities of writing. The course's goal is to promote free-wheeling self-expression! All styles and genres of writing are welcome; judgement and criticism are not. To get the most from this course, students should have at least a high school graduate level of English writing skills whether English is a first or additional language. $141.25 (tuition $120.00, materials $5.00, HST $16.25).
WINDSOR 070 2659 May 28-Jul 2, Sat, 9:00A-10:30A
GNR 1727N
This course is designed to help you get started using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Learn how to attract new clients, establish a brand and run a successful basic multi-levelled marketing campaign. $33.90 (tuition $30.00, HST $3.90).
WINDSOR 070 2093 Jun 18 Sat, 9:00A-12:00P
CHATHAM 570 2092 May 28 Sat, 9:00A-12:00P
GNR 1725N
Learn how to create your own blog in this step-by-step workshop. The workshop will focus on creating a brand, starting a WordPress blog and YouTube channel and how to increase traffic through social media networking. $33.90 (tuition $30.00, HST $3.90).
CHATHAM 570 2038 Apr 9, Sat, 9:00A-12:00P
WINDSOR 070 2079 Aug 6 Sat, 9:00A-12:00P
CHATHAM 570 2091 Aug 13 Sat, 9:00A-12:00P

General Interest - Coaching and Fitness

FHT 103N
This introductory course will provide insight and objective knowledge that hockey coaches, managers, scouts and fans can apply to help evaluate and assess player and team statistics'. Professional teams are creating new department's to study this field to learn what really contributes to a hockey team winning or what constitutes a good offensive or defensive player. This new course is for individuals who want to learn more about hockey analytics and statistics and how they can be utilized as a tool to measure in-game play. The goal of this course is to introduce this new innovative and contemporary way of measuring player and team development. $209.00 (tuition $184.96, HST $24.04).
WINDSOR 070 3317 Jun 4,5, Sat, Sun 9:00A-4:00P
FHT 115N
When it comes to youth and exercise, common myths and misconceptions persist in our society. This course explores what literature tells us and debunks many common perceptions when it comes to training young athletes/clients. Challenges personal trainers face when training the young client will be discussed and appropriate exercise protocol will be determined. OFC (NFLA) 18.0 CEC's. Pre-requisites- None, but recommended for personal trainers and health/ fitness professionals. $170.00.
WINDSOR 070 2174 Jun 25, 26 Sat, 9:00A-5:00P, Sun, 12:00P-5:00P
FHT 116N
When it comes to personal training, the explosive athlete's needs differ greatly from the typical client. This course addresses those needs and explores what is necessary to increase power and strength of high performance athletes. This course is great for trainers who wish to focus more on athletic performance or have clients that need to build power and strength attributes. Pre-requisites- None, but recommended for personal trainers and health/ fitness professionals. $170.00.
WINDSOR 070 2090 Jun 11, 12 Sat, 9:00A-5:00P, Sun, 12:00P-5:00P
FHT 117N
We live in an age where the majority of the population is sedentary. People spend an increased amount of time sitting, be it in their leisure time or on the job. A major consequence of this is a negative impact on posture. Today's personal trainer must be able to address postural dysfunction in order to improve the well-being of clients. Personal trainers must also ensure that their programs are not perpetuating incorrect posture. This course addresses the issue of posture and explores postural dysfunction and the role personal trainers have in correcting posture. Pre-requisites- None, but recommended for personal trainers and health/ fitness professionals. $170.00.
WINDSOR 070 2173 Jun 4, 5 Sat, 9:00A-5:00P, Sun, 12:00P-5:00P
FHT 118N
It is no secret that our population is aging. The largest sector of our population, the baby boomers, is now entering older adulthood. This huge portion of the population is most likely to display conditions associated with aging and also make up the majority of the typical personal trainer's clientele. This course explores the challenges personal trainers face when training aging and advanced aging clients. Through lecture, discussion, and labs appropriate exercise prescription will be discussed. Pre-requisites- None, but recommended for personal trainers and health/ fitness professionals. $170.00.
WINDSOR 070 2175 Jun 18, 19 Sat, 9:00A-5:00P, Sun, 12:00P-5:00P
An NFLA Exam Prep course will be offered the first week of May 2016. (This condensed prep course will be for FHT 105,106,107,108,109N exams.) Details to be announced. Please refer back to this site or call 519-972-2711 for more information.
FHT 104N
This course is designed to fully prepare the student for a successful completion of the NFLA Exercise Theory exam. As the exam covers all aspects of fitness from leadership skills through nutrition, anatomy and movement mechanics, this course will cover a wide range of topics to better prepare each candidate. Practice quizzes will be included at the end of each section to examine where each student may need to focus their study time. $80.00.
WINDSOR 050 3326 May 10 Tue, 1:00P-6:00P
FHT 105N
This Fitness Theory Exam is based on the Fitness Theory Performance Standards for the Basic Fitness Leader, as recommended by the National Fitness Leadership Alliance. Prerequisites: minimum 1 year St. Clair College FHT Certificate, two year college diploma in the Health, Fitness, Recreation field or BHK degree. Candidate must hold a valid CPR level C certification and must successfully attain 80% pass on theory exam. $80.00.
WINDSOR 050 2240 May 20 Fri, 9:00A-10:00A
FHT 106N
This practical exam will require a candidate to be evaluated while teaching a group fitness class that is based on the NFLA Group Fitness Performance Standards. Evaluation will be based on Leadership skills, communication, basic knowledge of human anatomy, basic knowledge of the biomechanics involved in human movement, the ability to demonstrate an understanding of methods that ensure safe and effective exercise execution, demonstrate an understanding of music tempo, and be able to offer a variety of different class formats. Prerequisites: Successfully attain 80% pass on the NFLA National Fitness Theory Exam, and hold a valid CPR level C certification. $80.00.
WINDSOR 050 2152 May 27 Fri, 8:00A-12:00P
WINDSOR 051 2153 May 27 Fri, 1:00P-5:00P
WINDSOR 052 2154 May 31 Tue, 8:00A-12:00P
WINDSOR 053 2155 May 31 Tue, 1:00P-5:00P
FHT 107N
This exam will confirm the candidates overall knowledge of the major muscles of the body and their functions. This exam is based on the NFLA Resistance Theory Performance Standards. Prerequisites: National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Fitness Theory Exam pass, and holds a valid CPR level C certification. $80.00.
WINDSOR 050 2156 May 20 Fri, 10:30A-11:30A
FHT 108N
This practical exam will confirm the candidate's ability to turn theory into action. Each candidate will be evaluated on the execution of exercises chosen by the course conductor and their spotting technique. This exam is based on the NFLA Resistance Practical Performance Standards. Prerequisites include the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Fitness Resistance Theory Exam Pass and holds a valid CPR level C certification. $80.00.
(Note: Each participant will be assigned a 30 minute time slot to have their practical exam between these hours.)
WINDSOR 050 2157 May 26 Thu, 8:00A-5:00P
WINDSOR 051 2158 May 30 Mon, 9:00A-5:00P
FHT 109N
This exam is based on the NFLA Personal Fitness Trainer Performance Standards. Areas covered under this exam include anatomy and exercise physiology, program design and implementation, health screening and assessment, nutrition and weight loss, professional responsibility, exercise safety and injury prevention, counseling skills and motivation techniques and case studies. Prerequisites: National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Fitness Theory Exam pass FHT 105N, National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) Fitness Resistance Theory Exam FHT 107N. Minimum two year college diploma in the Health, Fitness, Recreation field or BHK degree. Candidate must hold a valid CPR level C certification. $80.00.
WINDSOR 050 1462 Jun 3 Fri, 9:00A-12:00P

General Interest - Natural Health and Holistic Wellness

GNR 1726N
Prefer natural alternatives over synthetic treatments for ailments? Wondering why many ancient remedies used oils derived from plants? Come and learn how using natural oils can support your physical and mental health. Essential oils have applications for children through adults and even pets. This course will touch on what essential oils are, their history, proper use and the benefits from using them. $47.46 (tuition $34.00, materials $8.00, HST $5.46).
WINDSOR 050 2087 May 9, 16 Mon, 6:30P-8:30P

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