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CISCO Network Associate (CCNA) Networking Certification Preparation

The following four (4) courses will provide students with a solid background in basic networking concepts and CISCO hardware. These courses are an ideal way to prepare for CCNA certification, which is one of the premier industry credentials among networking professionals. All courses are delivered by a CISCO CCNA certified instructor, using CISCO materials, including hands-on lab exercises to reinforce networking concepts. Students who successfully complete these courses will be better positioned to independently challenge the external CCNA certification exam at a local testing centre.

MIT146 Networking I (CCNA 1)
MIT246 Networking II (CCNA 2)
MIT346 Networking III (CCNA 3)
MIT446 Networking IV (CCNA 4)
MIT 246
This second in a series of four networking courses uses the Cisco Networking Academy Program approved textbook and related web-based materials. This course describes the architecture, components, and operation of routers, and explains the principles of routing and routing protocols. Students analyze, configure, verify, and troubleshoot the primary routing protocols RIPv1, RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF. By the end of this course, students will be able to recognize and correct common routing issues and problems. Basic configuration, implementation, and troubleshooting labs reinforce new concepts, and allow students to model and analyze routing processes that may be difficult to visualize or understand. Pre-Requisite: MIT 146, Networking I. 5 units of credit $461.52 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1132 May 16-Aug 2 Tue, Wed, 6:00P-9:00P
MIT 346
This third in a series of four networking courses uses the Cisco Networking Academy Program approved textbook and related web-based materials. In this course, students develop an in-depth understanding of the strategies on how networks can be designed to be highly functional. Beginning with a foundational overview of Ethernet, this course provides detailed explanations of LAN switch operation. Campus network design and Layer 3 switching concepts are introduced. Pre-Requisite: MIT 246, Networking II. 5 units of credit. $461.52 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1133 May 12-Aug 5 Fri, 6:00P-9:00P Sat, 9:00A-12:00P
MIT 446
This fourth and final course in a series of four networking courses uses the Cisco Networking Academy Program approved textbook and related web-based materials. This course explains the principles of traffic control and access control lists (ACLs) and provides an overview of the services and protocols at the data link layer for wide-area access. Students learn about user access technologies and devices and discover how to implement and configure Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), DSL, and Frame Relay. WAN security concepts, tunneling, and VPN basics are introduced. Pre-Requisite: MIT 346, Networking III. 5 units of credit. $461.52 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1134 May 8-Jul 31 Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:00P

Information Technology Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate program provides an introduction to the fast-paced, challenging field of Information Technology. It is an invaluable opportunity for a person wishing to become familiar with the field of computing, covering the foundation skills one needs to become comfortable in the use of computer software, programming, the internet, web page creation, and networking.

9 Courses Required 7 Compulsory Courses MIT 105 Computer Concepts/Word for Windows
MIT 123 Introduction to Spreadsheets using MS Excel
MIT 146 Networking I (CCNA 1)
MIT 153 Introduction to Computer Programming Logic
MIT 211 System Configuration I
MIT 227 Introduction to Database Concepts
Option Courses - Select 2 MIT 225 Working with Graphics Using PhotoShop
MIT 416 Linux I
MIT 311 Systems Configuration II
WEB 230 JavaScript I

Note: Some courses require pre-requisites. Please check course descriptions carefully before registering for classes. The list of option courses is subject to change without notice.

MIT 211
This course is designed to provide the student with the ability to understand and utilize operating systems. Through theoretical study and practical application, the student will develop skills required to provide microcomputer support to a Windows environment and other microcomputer operating systems. 4 units of credit. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 3405 May 15-Aug 21 Mon, 6:00P-10:30P

Web Development

The Web Development Certificate will help the learner to design, develop and maintain a website; manipulate graphics; write code to enhance the functionality and interactivity of a website and develop a website based on specific criteria. Web server security and administration will be introduced.

7 Courses Required MIT 150 Introduction to Programming using PHP
MIT 151 Developing Information Based Web Sites
MIT 153 Introductions to Programming Logic
MIT 225* Working with Graphics using PhotoShopOR MIT 227* Introduction to Database ConceptsOR WEB 142* Web Imaging
WEB 210 Web Design/CSS
WEB 230 JavaScript I

NOTE: * Only one (1) of these three courses required.
MIT 227
This course is designed to provide students with a complete introduction to database concepts and the relational database model. Topics include QBE, SQL, data normalization, and other relevant topics. At the completion of this course, students should be able to understand a user’s database requirements and translates those requirements into a valid database design. MS Access will be used to provide a hands-on application-oriented experience to support the theory component. Pre-Requisite: A good working knowledge of computers and experience in the Windows environment. 4 units of credit. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1041 May 11-Jul 27 Thu, 6:00P-10:30P
WEB 230
This course introduces the student to the creation of dynamic Web pages using the popular Web scripting language, JavaScript! This course is perfect for beginning programmers with prior knowledge of HTML. Students will be introduced to Object-Oriented JavaScript and the debugging of JavaScript code as well as JQuery. Pre-Requisite MIT 140 or WEB 110. 4 units of credit. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1137 May 19-Aug 4, Fri, 5:30P-10:00P
WEB 210
The student will learn principles of sound web design, planning site layout and navigation. Introduction to HTML5, CSS3, CSS page layout, and optimize for printing using standards-based design that are portable across browsers and devices. Pre-Requisite MIT 140 or WEB 110. 4 units of credit. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1136 May 11-Jul 27 Thu, 6:00P-10:30P
MIT 225
This course acquaints the student with various dimensions of the graphic communications process. Employing the powerful tool of Adobe PhotoShop, learners acquire the skill of manipulating, editing, integrating and enhancing a variety of digital images. The course culminates in the development of a portfolio of digitally enhanced images. Pre-requisite: Students should have a good working knowledge of computers and experience in Windows. 4 units of credit. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1284 May 9-Jul 25 Tue, 6:00P-10:30P
WEB 110
This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the tools that are used to create content for the Web. Students will develop a good understanding of HTML and an introduction to CSS. HTML topics include: Web design considerations, working with text, images, links, navigation, using tables in page design, and the use of multimedia in web pages. Students will also have the opportunity to work with Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) to develop styles to be applied to Web pages and Web sites. Prerequisite: Familiarity with Windows as well as file management concepts. 4 units of credit. Please have your textbook and portable storage prior to the start of class. $346.14 Text extra.
WINDSOR 050 1135 May 10-Jul 26 Wed, 6:00P-10:30P
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