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Nail Care Enhancement Certificate

The Nail Care Enhancement Certificate program is designed to prepare students for professional careers as Nail Technicians. An integration of theory and practical application will offer students real-time learning while using up-to-date techniques and treatments.

Students will be provided with kits (cost included in total price), which will include all the essential supplies needed to carry out training as well as offer services through the entire program. These kits will include all necessary professional supplies and equipment needed in order to perform nail enhancements and nail care. Material fees cover products supplied to students for use in the classroom.

Program Requirements COS 141 Nail Techniques I
COS 236 Nail Techniques II
COS 147 Pedicures I
COS 147
Students will learn how to furnish the client with a professional pedicure and will enable them to improve the health and beauty of the foot. They will learn to provide clients with a professional therapeutic massage for the foot and leg, improve blood circulation and relax the client. Students will also study the anatomy of the foot and leg. They will acquire knowledge of disorders, diseases and imperfections of the foot and nails. They will understand which treatments are available for each condition. Students will be taught the practices and procedures for callous removal, the prevention of ingrown toenails and foot sanitation. Sanitation of salon and all equipment is studied and applied. Prerequisite: COS 236. 5 units of credit. $561.52 (tuition $461.52, kit $75.00, materials $25.00)
WINDSOR 050 1157 May 8-Jul 31, Mon, Wed, 6:30P-9:30P
COS 320
Incorporating the study of the skeletal system, the student will recognize and determine the various face and eye shapes. Students will study colour theory. They will gain knowledge of the various tools of makeup available to the professional makeup artist. Students will demonstrate the proper order of makeup application. Students will practice the skills to apply makeup for a variety of occasions, such as, weddings, evening and every day wear, for all ages and skin tones. Students will also gain experience with sales techniques such as sampling and promotional displaying of products. Students are required to follow strict sanitary procedures at all times. They will be expected to use superior communication skills and continue to practice professional client consultations and sales. Students will be provided with kits (cost included in total price), which will include all the essential supplies needed to carry out training as well as offer services through the entire program. Material fees include products supplied to students for use in the classroom. 6 units of credit. $1013.44 (tuition $538.44, makeup kit $450.00 materials $25.00)
WINDSOR 050 1015 May 9-Aug 10 Tue, Thu, 6:30P-9:30P
Learn the technique of eyelash extension application under the guidance of a certified instructor. All steps of proper application will be covered. Please do not wear mascara on the first day of class and you will be required to bring a model for the Sunday class. Price includes student kit and “The Comprehensive Guide to Eyelash Extension Application” booklet. Student kit has enough product for 25+ Eyelash Extension Services. $678.00 (Tuition $600.00 HST $78.00)
WINDSOR 070 2627 May 27 & 28 Sat, 9:00P-4:30P, Sun, 9:00A-1:00P
WINDSOR 071 2632 Jun 24 & 25 Sat, 9:00P-4:30P, Sun, 9:00A-1:00P
GNR 547N
In this one day intensive workshop, you will learn to safely and effectively remove facial and body hair using sugaring techniques. This course is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older who are enrolled in or graduates of an approved Esthetics diploma program. Participants must have at least two weeks of hair growth on all areas to be sugared within this class or must provide a model who is 18 years of age or older, who has the necessary hair growth and who consents to have another practitioner perform hair removal on the required areas. Please note that you must enroll two weeks ahead of the course in order to be guaranteed your materials. Materials supplied with this workshop include a sugar warmer and other items participants will be able to use well beyond the training session. $694.20 ($337.50 tuition, $276.84 materials, $79.86 HST)
WINDSOR 070 May 28 Sun, 10:00A-5:00P
WINDSOR 071 July 23 Sun, 10:00A-5:00P
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