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Classic Lash Extensions
COS 2103N
This comprehensive lash extension course will enable students to achieve the necessary skills for proficient application of Classic eyelash extensions, using the only Health Canada approved lash system. Attention to Universal Safety, sanitation and disinfecting protocols are enforced. Emphasis placed on the anatomy of the eye, stages of healthy lash growth, eye diseases and contraindications for lash extension treatments will be included. Along with proper cleansing and maintenance of the lash extensions. With the guidance and supervision of a professionally trained and experience Esthetics instructor, students will receive extensive practical hands on training. (Kit is included tuition.)
Windsor 050 7103 Oct 15-Nov 22, Mon, Thu 6:00P-9:00P $1693.87 (Tuition: $1149.35, HST: $149.42. Materials: $349.65, HST: $45.45)
Windsor 050 1705 Jan 21-Mar 4, Mon, Wed 6:00P-9:00P $1693.87 (Tuition: $1149.35, HST: $149.42. Materials: $349.65, HST: $45.45)
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