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IELTS Preparation Workshops

St. Clair College Continuing Education (Windsor) is now an IELTS Canada Information Centre. For assistance registering for an upcoming IELTS test date, please visit our office in Room 161 at the South Campus, 2000 Talbot Rd. W.

The following workshop is designed to help non-native speakers of English prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. Course scheduling has been arranged with upcoming Windsor IELTS test dates in mind.

For a complete listing of testing dates, times and locations visit www.ieltscanada.ca.

GNR 1551N
This intensive preparation workshop is designed to refine candidates’ skills required to succeed on either the IELTS Academic or General Training Test. Our qualified instructors will help you review the IELTS structure and polish your test-taking strategies. Know what to expect and engage in helpful practice before attempting the test.
Windsor 070 2382 May 5-Jun 23, Sat, 9:00A-12:00P $249.50 (tuition $220.80, HST $28.70)

Language Interpreter Certificate Program

Next intake - Fall 2018
Obtain the training and credential you need to become an international language interpreter. There is a growing need for skilled interpreters who can provide services within the business, health, and human service sectors. St. Clair College is proud to offer this program with the assistance of the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County.

Admission Requirements:
  1. An approved College or University degree or diploma.
  2. Fluency in English and a second language as demonstrated by a 75% or higher score on the ILSAT test administered by the Multicultural Council and graded by an internationally recognized outside agency.

The cost of the test is $200.00 CDN per student (fee subject to change). Contact the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County at 519-255-1127 to schedule a test. Students should arrange to write the test at least 4 weeks prior to program start. Contact St. Clair College Continuing Education, 519-972-2711 for details.

Information sessions will provide an overview of the program as well as valuable tips for preparing for the ILSAT admissions test. Please contact the Multicultural Council, (519) 255-1127 ext. 135 to pre-register. All information sessions are held at the Multicultural Council, 245 Janette Ave. Windsor.

Information Session Dates:
Tuesday, April 17, 6:00P
Tuesday May 15, 6:00P
Tuesday June 19, 6:00P
Tuesday July 17, 6:00P
Tuesday August 14, 6:00P

Six Courses Required: LIN 101 Introduction to Spoken Language Interpretation
LIN 102 Consecutive Interpreting, Note-Taking, and Sight Translation - Skills Development
LIN 103 Setting Specific Interpreting - Social Service and Health Industry
LIN 104 Advanced Spoken Language Interpreting
LIN 106 Simultaneous Interpreting- Skills Development
LIN 107 Interpreting In Court, Domestic Violence, Advanced Healthcare Settings

Fall 2017 intake courses.
These courses are for students who began the program in the fall semester 2017.

LIN 106
This course concentrates on the acquisition of knowledge and the enhancement of skills introduced in Courses I-IV in preparation for interpreting in different settings. Four interpreting settings are introduced and explored; court interpreting, interpreting with child victims/witnesses; health care interpreting; and interpreting in the violence against women sector. Protocols, procedures and techniques necessary for functioning effectively as an interpreter are reviewed and discussed, forming the basis for problem solving exercises. A variety of articles and accompanying self-study and terminology development activities enrich the course. Research and field observation provide context for course content. Skill and knowledge development and assessment are supported by role plays and case scenarios. Pre-requisite: ILSAT test, LIN 101, LIN 102, LIN 103, LIN 104. 2 units of credit.
Windsor 070 1004 May 5-Jun 2, Sat, 9:00A-4:00P & May 15-May 17, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P $262.60 (tuition $237.60, materials $25.00) (Multicultural Council, 245 Janette Ave.)
LIN 107
The Capstone Course begins with a brief review of the main interpreting competencies covered in the previous five courses. Following a recap of the ethical principles and standards of practice, the skills of consecutive interpreting and note taking, sight translation and simultaneous interpreting are practiced in preparation for the course’s major component - the integration of interpreter skills and competencies through the “Comprehensive Case Studies” method. The final module deals with professional comportment issues and some of the financial management skills required for the interpreter who works as an independent contractor. Pre-requisite: ILSAT test, LIN 101, LIN 102, LIN 103, LIN 104, LIN 106. 2 units of credit.
Windsor 070 1005 Jun 9-Jul 14, Sat, 9:00A-4:00P $262.60 (tuition $237.60, materials $25.00) (Multicultural Council, 245 Janette Ave.)
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Start and end dates are indicated beneath each course description.

Questions? Call:
519-972-2711 (Windsor) or 519-354-9100 (Chatham) or
1-800-387-0524 (toll-free) or send an E-mail to: coned@stclaircollege.ca.

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