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For English and Modern Languages course inquiries call (519) 972-2711 (Windsor) or (519) 354-9100 (Thames.)


It is recommended that you select your English upgrading courses based on your area of study:

Pre-Business: ENG 107, COM 200
Pre-Technology: ENG 107, COM 210
Pre-Health Science and Pre-Nursing: ENG 107, COM 200

COM 200
Skillful evaluation and construction of written communications is essential in the modern work environment. In this course, students develop abilities in four categories of information management: access and evaluation of electronic information, summarizing information, creating information for diverse purposes and audiences, and publishing information using both print and electronic media. Using an analytical approach to the development of writing style and content, this course emphasizes the elements of logic and audience awareness within written messages. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1135 May 11-Jun 29, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:00P
055 1139 Jul 6-Aug 24, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:00P
550 1320 Jun 1-Jul 8, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P

COM 103
This course fosters the development of written communication skills necessary for business students. Students learn to analyze an intended audience, determine purpose, and apply the appropriate business communication format including letters, email, memos, instant messages, and proposals. Critical reading skills are also developed. Students review Standard English grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph construction. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1127 May 12-Jun 25, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P [Course Closed]

ENG 100P
This course will help students develop practical interpersonal, structured group and formal presentation skills. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, culture and gender, communication process and public and private contexts. This course will apply the principles of communication to prepare students for many of their future communication experiences. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
055 1134 Jul 7-Aug 20, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P

ENG 107
This course provides the foundations for college level reading and writing expectations. Emphasis is placed on the application of analytical thinking and written communication in response to various forms of text from a wide variety of disciplines. Stylistic, structural, and grammatical components will be assessed through reading and writing assignments. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1309 May 12-Jun 25, Tue, Thu, 6:30P-9:30P
555 1229 Jul 6-Aug 17, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30 [Course Closed]
055 1201 Jul 7-Aug 20, Tue, Thu, 6:30P-9:30P

ENG 300W
This course is designed to assist students in the planning and completion of formal reports (research papers and/or technical reports) for a specific audience. The emphasis, in order to achieve this goal, is on the steps and strategies associated with the process of producing first class reports. The areas to be covered may therefore include the information search, some formal report organizing techniques, the composing of the report, the conventions of style and format, some specific problem-solving approaches, and certain tips on how to handle the appropriate report writing correspondence. Pre-Requisite: COM 200. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
550 1321 May 12-Jun 18, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]

FAW 100
FAW I is basic course designed to develop effective writing skills for communicating ideas in academic writing. Topics will include grammar, writing processes, conventions or different prose forms, sentence and paragraph construction. Extensive grammar review and peer review process are course components. This course is intended for students in the following programs: Early Childhood Education, Liberal Arts, and Community and Justice Services. Transfer credit eligibility to the University of Windsor is reserved for these programs only. 3 units of credit. $321.50 (tuition $272.25 + $49.00 access fee) Text extra.
065 1152 May 11-Aug. 1 [Course Closed]
Please note: There is a mandatory orientation session on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. at the South Campus, Windsor. Students who are unable to attend the orientation session in Windsor must contact the Continuing Education Office at 519-972-2711.

LBS 110G
Students will discover the importance of social qualifiers (such as gender, race, and class) and social agencies (such as family, school, and workplace) to better understand the various elements of both intercultural and intracultural communication. The course provides students with opportunities to explore several cultural environments both within the classroom and within the community; to write reflectively about what they have learned; and to make interactive group presentations about their own cultural research. By the end of the course, students will have improved their ability to both appreciate the complexity of cross-cultural communication and to be effective cross-cultural communicators. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1005 May 12-Jun 25, Tue, Thu, 6:30P-9:30P

LSW 101G
This general education course focuses on the examination of ideas in imaginative literature, specifically the short story. Students will read a selection of Canadian and World Fiction written by acknowledged masters of the short form. Refinement of interpretive skills, through the analysis of technical elements, choice and arrangement of details, connotative language as well as an awareness of important themes, will aid the student in understanding how cultural background, gender, and social position influence responses to life. During this process special attention will be given to the reinforcement of written communication skills; through discussion and writing the student will explore the parts, as well as the whole of selected works of short fiction. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
055 1281 Jul 6-Aug 24, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:00P

French Language Program

The objective of the French Language Program is to stimulate interested individuals, government employees, business and industrial personnel toward greater fluency in French. This program consists of nine courses covering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level French.

Program Requirements:
French Intro. Communication I - FRC 594
French Intro. Communication II - FRC 595
French Intro. Communication III - FRC 596
French Inter. Communication I - FRC 597
French Inter. Communication II - FRC 598
French Inter. Communication III - FRC 599
French Adv. Communication I - FRC 600
French Adv. Communication II - FRC 601
French Adv. Communication III - FRC 602

Students with prior knowledge in French, or credits from another post-secondary institution, may be eligible for Advanced Standing or Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) opportunities. Please contact Continuing Education at 519-972-2711 for more information.

We also encourage students who do not wish to pursue the certificate to take individual courses according to their own interests and desired level of proficiency.

FRC 594
Some structures covered include: French alphabet, adjectives, greetings; verbs to be, to have, to go; asking questions, negative form of verbs; definite and indefinite articles, numbers 1 to 50; use of prepositions when answering the question “where is?”; questions using “inversion” with or without interrogative adverbs; “stress” pronouns; imperative mood; regular “er” verbs; days, months, seasons, the date; interrogative adjectives “which” and “what”. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1235 May 12-Jun 18, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:30P
055 1236 Jul 6-Aug 17, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P
550 1282 May 11-Jun 22, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30

FRC 595
Some structures covered at this level; verbs ending in “ir” and “re”; verbs to come, to be able, to want, to have to; telling time; expressions: to be on time, to be early and to be late; possessive adjectives; where, when, how, and why; future form of “to go” plus an infinitive; asking and giving directions; demonstrative adjectives: this, these etc; the recent past using “venir de”; the partitive article; relative pronouns “qui” and “que”; clothing articles. Pre-Requisite: FRC 594. 3 units of credit. $254.10. Text extra.
050 3412 May 11-Jun 22, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P

FRC 596
Some structures covered at this level: irregular “ir” verbs; several irregular verbs; there is and there are; “Il faut”; direct object pronouns; expressions of quantity; “c’est” and “il est”; professions; the weather; interrogative pronouns “qui” and “quoi”; indirect object pronouns; the past tense; “Il y a” + the past tense; the adjective “tout”; pronouns “en” and “y”; countries, cities, nationalities. Pre-Requisite: FRC 595. 3 units of credit. $254.10. Text extra.
050 3413 May 11-Jun 22, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P

Modern Languages

LBS 147
This is an introductory course to the Spanish language in a student-centered setting which emphasizes a communicative learning approach. In this course, the essential language skills -listening, speaking, reading, writing -will be developed simultaneously. In the classroom, students will engage in a variety of interactive and communicative activities which will further the required practice to learn the language. During this course, students will also be introduced to various aspects of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1238 May 14-Jul 30, Thu, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]
055 1239 Jul 6-Aug 17, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P
550 1197 May 11-Jun 22, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]

LBS 143
Beginner students with limited or remote experience in Italian have the opportunity to learn the patterns of the Italian language. Emphasis is placed on the oral aspect of the language, concentrating on fostering auditory discrimination, aural comprehension and oral expression. Participants should acquire a minimum of a 300 word vocabulary, progress at their own rate, receive substantial individual attention from the instructor. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1237 May 12-Jul 28, Tue, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]
550 1262 May 11-Jun 22, Mon, Wed, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]

American Sign Language

ASL 106
Development of American Sign Language skills and introduction of grammatical structures is the focus of this course. Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary and comprehension skills. The enrichment of Deaf Culture and community studies will be incorporated into the curriculum. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1008 May 12-Jun 25, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P [Course Closed]
550 1010 May 12-Jun 18, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:30P [Course Closed]
055 1133 Jul 7-Aug 20, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P

ASL 103
Continual development of basic communication skills including grammatical structure and a selected vocabulary. Pre-Requisite: ASL 106. 3 units of credit. $254.10 Text extra.
050 1007 May 12- Jun 25, Tue, Thu, 6:00P-9:00P [Course Closed]

IELTS Preparation Workshops

St. Clair College Continuing Education (Windsor) is now an IELTS Canada Information Centre. For assistance registering for an upcoming IELTS test date, please visit our office in Room 161 at the South Campus, 2000 Talbot Rd. W.

The following workshop is designed to help non-native speakers of English prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. Course scheduling has been arranged with upcoming Windsor IELTS test dates in mind. For a complete listing of testing dates, times and locations visit www.ieltscanada.ca.

GNR 1551N
This intensive preparation workshop is designed to refine candidates’ skills required to succeed on either the IELTS Academic or General Training Test. Our qualified instructors will help you review the IELTS structure and polish your test-taking strategies. Know what to expect and engage in helpful practice before attempting the test. $249.50 (tuition $220.80, HST $28.70) Text extra.
070 1693 May 23-Jul 11, Sat, 9:00A-12:00P [Course Closed]

Language Interpreter Certificate Program

Next intake Fall 2015
Obtain the training and credential you need to become an international language interpreter. There is a growing need for skilled interpreters who can provide services within the business, health, and human service sectors. St. Clair College is proud to offer this program with the assistance of the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 6:00PM

The information session will be held at the offices of the Multicultural Council, 245 Janette in Windsor, and will include an overview of the program as well as valuable tips for preparing for the ILSAT admissions test. Please call (519) 255-1127 ext. 135 to pre-register.

Admission Requirements:
1. An approved College or University degree or diploma.
2. Fluency in English and a second language as demonstrated by a 75% or higher score on the ILSAT test administered by the Multicultural Council and graded by an internationally recognized outside agency.

The cost of the test is $200.00 CDN per student (fee subject to change). Contact the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County at 519-255-1127 to schedule a test. Students should arrange to write the test at least 4 weeks prior to program start. Contact St. Clair College Continuing Education, 519-972-2711 for details.

Six Courses Required:
LIN 101
Intro. to Spoken Language Interpreting
LIN 102
Consecutive Interpreting, Note-Taking, and Sight Translation - Skills Development
LIN 103
Setting Specific Interpreting - Social Service and Health Industry
LIN 104
Advanced Spoken Language Interpreting
LIN 106
Simultaneous Interpreting - Skills Development
LIN 107
Interpreting In Court, Domestic Violence, Advanced Healthcare Settings

LIN 106
Simultaneous interpreting provides an immediate interpretation of a speaker’s utterances. Through simulations, role plays and audio/visual exercises participants will develop skills in simultaneous interpreting without the use of electronic equipment. Subsequent to the theory overview, participants will practice: active listening, shadowing, retelling, paraphrasing, memory exercises and self-evaluation. Based on exposure to exercises and simulations, participants will develop and practice skills and techniques used in simultaneous interpreting in various settings and contexts. 2 units of credit. Pre-requisite. Fall fees to be determined. Pre-requisite LIN 104. 2 units of credit. $242.80 (tuition $217.80, materials $25.00) Text extra.
050 1241 May 16-Jun 20, Sat, 9:00A-4:00P (Multicultural Council, 245 Janette Ave.)

LIN 107

Four interpreting settings are introduced and explored; court interpreting, interpreting for child victims/witnesses; advanced health care interpreting; and interpreting in the violence against women sector. Protocols, procedures and techniques necessary for functioning effectively as an interpreter are reviewed and discussed, forming the basis for problem solving exercises. Pre-requisite LIN 106. 2 units of credit. $242.80 (tuition $217.80, materials $25.00) Text extra.
050 1240 Jul 4-Aug 8, Sat, 9:00A-4:00P (Multicultural Council, 245 Janette Ave.)

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