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BIO 50
This is an introductory biology course that focuses on cell biology and the anatomy and physiology of selected human organ systems. The course is designed to prepare students for entry into the Collaborative Nursing program or other health science programs that require advanced study in biology and pathology. 4 units of credit. Text extra.
Windsor 066 1 Jul 3 - Aug 17 Online $407.96 includes $49.00 access fee

Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Program

The Academic & Career Entrance (ACE) Program is specifically designed for upgrading the academic skills of adults and is offered via OntarioLearn Distance Education (online.) ACE allows students to achieve the entrance requirements for apprenticeships and many post-secondary college programs in a relatively short period of time.

The Academic and Career Entrance Certificate is a recognized Ontario Grade 12 equivalency for the purpose of entrance to post-secondary, apprenticeship registration and employment. You should consider enrolling in Academic and Career Entrance courses if:

  • You want to earn an Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate that is accepted as Grade 12 equivalent for the purpose of admission to Post-Secondary and Apprenticeship programs at Ontario colleges.*
  • Not having your Grade 12 diploma is holding you back from employment and educational opportunities.
  • You have your diploma but not the subjects you need to enter further training.
  • You finished high school more than five years ago and need to refresh and update your knowledge and skills.

* Please Note: ACE courses do not meet the entrance requirements for the Collaborative Nursing program.

Students may register in individual courses or complete Communications, a Mathematics course, and two other courses from the ACE course list in order to qualify for the Academic and Career Entrance Certificate.

ACE 18 Core Math
ACE 16 Apprenticeship Math
ACE 14 Business Math
ACE 12 Technology Math
ACE 10 Communications (English)
ACE 24 Physics
ACE 22 Chemistry
ACE 20 Biology
ACE 28 Computers
ACE 26 Self-Management/Self Direction

The ACE Program is tuition free. The program is paid for by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The online program is offered September, January and April. Participants must be 19 years of age or older and eligible to study in Ontario.

A mandatory online orientation and assessment of the subjects you wish to register into, will determine the academic level of entry into the program, as well as a brief assessment of the student’s readiness to study online.

Please email for detailed program information and instructions on how to enroll into the mandatory orientation, registration information and start dates. For additional information, please go to ACE Online.

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