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Winter Orientation

Welcome to St. Clair College

Orientation takes place at:

Windsor Campus

Windsor Campus

Student Life Centre

Friday, January 3, 2020

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Chatham Campus

Chatham Campus

Room 136

Friday, January 3, 2020

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Downtown Campus

Downtown Campus

Chrysler Theatre

Friday, January 3, 2020

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If you have any questions, please call 519-972-2760.

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There are three exceptional student governing bodies at St. Clair College. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is at the Windsor Campus, along with the Student Athletic Association (SAA). Thames Students Inc. (TSI) oversee all of the activities at the Thames Campus.

Student Representative Council

SRC is an active student government that can give you the opportunity to learn how to run a large organization, plan events, and develop programs that benefit the student body at large. Why not run for office? Being a member of Council is a paid position, providing not only a great opportunity to earn money, but to be part of student governance on campus. Joining Student Council is just one of the many ways you can make the most of college life.

2018/19 SRC Board Members

Front L to R: Sara Stiller - VP of Downtown Affairs, Holly Nicholson - President, Kiara Clement - VP of Student Affairs
Back L to R: Nathan Wuerch - Director, Jorge Gutierrez Calzada - Director, Sean Thomas - Director

Thames Students Inc.

TSI in Chatham also has a very active student government and provides lots of opportunities for students to get involved. Plan events, hold fundraisers, and get involved in the community, both inside the college and outside as well.

2018/19 TSI Board Members

From L to R: Joshua Avery-Scott, Stephanie Reynolds, Zachary Rank, Kash Yeck and Madison Coutts

Student Athletic Association

SAA is a group of students dedicated to improving the student experience through sport and recreation. They help with the facilitation of both the varsity and intramural programs within the college. Some of the activities offered by the SAA include individual/team sports, intramural tournaments, day trips and special events. Get involved – and cheer on your SAINTS!

Laura Walker Laura Walker
SAA President

There are lots of great things happening on campus! From pubs and fundraisers to events and sports teams, St. Clair College is totally committed to providing you with a well rounded campus experience. One great way to dive right into the "college experience" is to join an SRC/TSI-supported club. There are over two dozen different clubs that you can get involved with, all academically based.

At the beginning of each semester, the SRC/TSI ratifies the clubs, provides them with some start-up cash, and then they pretty much run themselves. The SRC/TSI lends the clubs its barbeque to sell hot dogs and burgers at lunch as a way to raise funds.

Some clubs raise the money to compete in competitions, some to take trips to their future work environments, and some attend club-specific conferences.

You will be thrilled with the College's SportsPlex facility in Windsor and the HealthPlex facility in Chatham. They both feature large gymnasiums, fitness centres, walking tracks, workout studios, classrooms and more! Windsor campus is home to our varsity athletics teams – the Saints. Come out and cheer them on – from basketball, volleyball, soccer, curling and more – there's a sport for everyone to get involved in.

College can be expensive, however there are lots of ways to augment your income on campus, whether it be through application for scholarships and bursaries or applying for a part time job on campus. For College operated departments, you'll have to check office by office for job openings.

However, the SRC and its various divisions also have jobs available – all of which you can apply for by dropping a resume into either of the SRC offices (at Main/South Campus or at the downtown TD Student Centre).

Employment opportunities include office-staffing, personnel for the Student Copy Centre, Student Centre maintenance, and wait/kitchen/event staff for Griff's Cavern restaurant.

Feel free to submit resumes during the summertime, because some of these jobs entail pre-school-year training in late-August.

(Eventually, you'll be asked to supply your class schedule, so that your work-hours can be arranged around your studies.)

Drop off your resume in person at either of the SRC or TSI offices.

Your Student Governments (SRC and TSI) administers the health/prescription-drug coverage plan for all full-time students. This plan now includes eye and dental coverage.

The premiums are automatically paid out of your student fees. If, however you are already covered by a private sector health plan (for instance, by your employer, or your spouse's or parents' employer), you can "opt-out" of the plan and receive a refund of the premium.

To opt-out, log on to the SRC's website at www.stclair-src.org, and follow the links; or use the insurance company's website, www.wespeakstudent.com. (Note: When opting-out, you must provide "proof of alternative coverage" – that is, the company name and policy number of the plan covering you.)

Students with families may, alternatively, want to take advantage of the fact that you can opt-in to the plan, too, at an additional cost, to secure coverage for a spouse and/or children. That application can be picked up from the SRC offices or accessed on-line at www.wespeakstudent.com.

The deadline for "opting-out" during the first semester (and "opting-in" for family coverage) is SEPTEMBER 30. For January-intake students, the second semester deadline is JANUARY 31. For spring-start students, the deadline is May 31.

The health plan premium portion of your student fees CANNOT be refunded if you miss the form-filing deadlines.

Opt-out rebate cheques take a month or two to process. When they are issued, ads in the Saint newspaper and posters around campus will instruct recipients to pick them up from the SRC offices. (Or, you can have the rebates direct-deposited to your bank account.)

To learn more about the SRC administered health/drug coverage plan, contact the SRC Offices, and/or log on to the SRC website at www.stclair-src.org (or www.wespeakstudent.com), and follow the links to find a full, printable booklet describing everything covered by the health plan.

A new bus service is available for students living in Lakeshore and Tecumseh.

Monday – Friday starting at 6:45am and stopping at three locations:

  • Community Support Centre, Belle River
  • Tim Hortons, Emeryville
  • Tim Hortons, Manning & EC Row

Return trip leaves St. Clair College at 5:15pm

Cost: $250.00 per month (bus pass)
For further info contact 519-728-1435
ASK ABOUT THE ONE-WAY RIDE FOR JUST $10! (Return trip just $20)