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If your course code does not start with ONT or ACE please see the eCampus Getting Started page.

Students can begin to access their course no earlier than the start dates (above) The first week of the course has been designed to orient students with the on-line format and platform. At this time, the instructor will post a course syllabus/outline.

Student Login

Courses can be accessed at: www.ontariolearn.com
Click on "Login" button and enter userid as below:

UserID / Username:

(you will not get past this point until the official start dates)
2 digit college code (st for st.clair)+ (-)dash+ first 3 chracters of firstname + last name (maximum of 12 characters so if your last name is longer you will have to use only the first 9 letters)

  • all lowercase
  • no spaces
  • no periods
  • no hyphens / dashes except after 2 digit college code

Betty Johnson = st-betjohnson
Ann St. Amour = st-annstamour

Password: newone

To view a video of how to log-on to your course, visit https://supportcenter.embanet.com/video/ol/ol.html.

Please note not all classes are offered on the FirstClass platform. On the Login page you will notice the course and the platform used to deliver the course.

Technical assistance is available 24 / 7 should you encounter any technical difficulties accessing your course.
Toll free: 1-800-695-5008
Tel #: (416) 494-5954
Website: www.ontariolearn.com/help
Email web form: http://supportcenter.embanet.com/ontariolearn/

Computer Hardware / Software Requirements

PC Pentium I, Windows 95 or greater, min. 8 MB Ram, min. 28.8 modem or comparable Mac system. Students are required to purchase the software required to successfully complete the course.

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