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Growing Up Digital - Living & Working in Canada
ONT 271G
This course looks at the Internet and its role in shaping recent history and society. Youth in Canada today are the first generation to grow up in a world dominated by digital technology, and the use of this technology is transforming our culture and institutions. This is not a technical course, but rather a social/cultural examination of the many ways digital technology affects our society. It examines the impact of digital media that empowers our society to communicate, learn, play, shop and work differently from previous generations. It also provides analytical tools to anticipate and act on what lies ahead. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 4696 Sep. 10-Dec. 17 $357.45 (includes $82.50 online fee)
Online 067 1081 Jan. 14-Apr. 21 $357.45 (includes $82.50 online fee)
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