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ONT 106
Writing a Marketing Plan provides the fundamental skills and templates required to complete a comprehensive and practical marketing plan. Embellishing and enhancing the plan is really a function of writing savvy. This course focuses on the core concepts required to address product positioning, pricing, promotion, and place of distribution - the 4 P's of Marketing. This course provides a blue-print with easy-to-use templates which can be applied to any Marketing Plan. Turning the templates into a plan becomes a simple writing exercise. Text extra.
Online 067 5364 Sep 12-Dec 19 $238.40 (includes $80 Online fee)
Online 067 1071 Jan 16-Apr 17 $238.40 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 163
Effective and practical writing skills are important for successful communication in business. Students develop practical writing skills using basic word processing technology. They learn how to compose business correspondence including emails, memoranda, letters, and reports, with a focus on routine and persuasive messages. A review of basic grammar is also included. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 5449 Sep 12-Dec 19 $396.80 (includes $80 Online fee)
Online 067 1158 Jan 16-Apr 17 $396.80 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 118
This course provides students with an overview of project management and an introduction to leadership and ethics. Students learn the fundamental principles of project management including: project initiating, project definition, creating the Work Breakdown Structure, estimating effort, budgeting, scheduling using Gantt charts and network diagrams, risk management, controlling resources, quality assurance, auditing and closing. The techniques are based on a study of the typical project lifecycle. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 5363 Sep 12-Dec 19 $396.80 (includes $80 Online fee)
Online 067 1070 Jan 16-Apr 17 $396.80 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 175
This subject has been developed to introduce students to the disposition, concepts and skills necessary to express their entrepreneurial spirit in the form of a business. An examination of an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship will be supplemented by an examination of the expression of entrepreneurism in the business world. Contemporary expressions of entrepreneurism and intrepreneurism, their contribution to the economy, their role in the changing workplace, and their role in global business will also be explored. Students will complete an entrepreneurial business plan in stages throughout the course. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 067 5482 Sep 12-Dec 19 $357.20 (includes $80 Online fee)
Online 067 1188 Jan 16-Apr 17 $357.20 (includes $80 Online fee)
ONT 181
This course provides tools, skills, an understanding of technology, business concepts and issues that surround the emergence of electronic business. The emphasis of the course is on that part of the Internet known as the World Wide Web (WWW) where, such tools as browsers are used. In addition to acquiring basic skills for navigating the Internet, the student develops an understanding of the current practices and opportunities in electronic publishing, electronic shopping, electronic distribution and electronic collaboration. Students also explore several of the problems surrounding electronic business and commerce, such as security, authentication, privacy, encryption, safeguarding of intellectual property rights, acceptable use policies and legal liabilities. 3 units of credit. Text extra
Online 067 5483 Sep 12-Dec 19 $396.80 (includes $80 Online fee)
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