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Occupational Health & Safety Certificate Program
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There is a growing concern for the safety of people in their work environment and the related hazard that may be found there. Prompted by governments and their agencies, labour and management have identified the need for greater experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of occupational safety and health for the protection of people in the workplace. This program provides students with solid training in the required practices of occupational health and safety. In addition to providing the fundamentals, the program includes a management component that gives students the know-how to oversee workplace safety programs and offer solutions.

OHS 240 Industrial Hygiene
OHS 241 Legislation for Health & Safety
OHS 242 Environmental Management
OHS 243 Management Labour Concerns
OHS 244 Fire Protection
OHS 245 Ergonomics
OHS 246 Health & Safety Program Management
Legislation for Health & Safety
OHS 241
This course covers various jurisdictions, how to locate the specific legislation, the interface between statues, regulations, codes and standards, the obligation of employers and of employees. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 065 5005 Sept. 16-Dec. 6 $305.62 (includes $49.00 access fee)
Environmental Management
OHS 242
This course facilitates the development of analytical and evaluation skills required in the management of environmental issues. Students are familiarized with the fate and effects of environmental contaminants as well as their safe management. Legislation regarding safe transport, handling and disposal of contaminants are addressed. The use of site inspections in the recognition and analysis of potential environmental risks is also reviewed. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 065 5006 Sept. 16-Dec. 7 $305.62 (includes $49.00 access fee)
Management Labour Concerns in Health & Safety
OHS 243
This course examines emerging trends and current management issues, concepts and practices pertaining to the field of Occupational Health and Safety. Discussion will focus on several functional characteristics within organizations that pose unique challenges for the practitioner attempting to effectively manage resources, both material and human. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 065 5008 Sept. 16-Dec. 7 $305.62 (includes $49.00 access fee)
Industrial Hygiene
OHS 240
This course studies the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological hazards arising in or from the workplace. WHMIS and other relevant legislation will also be covered. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 065 1117 Jan. 20-Apr. 10 $305.62 (includes $49.00 access fee)
Health & Safety Program Management
OHS 246
This course introduces the student on how to set up and administer a workplace health and safety program. This course covers program standards and objectives, employee orientation and training programs, record-keeping and data analysis, purchasing and engineering controls, health and safety promotion, program evaluation, occupation health services, applications of management theory and techniques to OHS, and special problems and solutions. 3 units of credit. Text extra.
Online 065 1116 Jan. 20-Apr. 13 $305.62 (includes $49.00 access fee)

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