St. Clair OneCard

OneCard Services:

Personal Identification

Your St. Clair College OneCard identifies you as a member of the St. Clair College community and provides many features and privileges while on and off campus. You will need your St. Clair College OneCard for writing an officially scheduled exam.

On-Campus purchasing

Coming soon! Bookstore, vending machines and many other vendors.

Library Privileges

Your St. Clair College OneCard is your access to library resources. Soon you will be able to pay fees with your OneCard

Printing Privileges

Use your St. Clair College OneCard to release print jobs. When your 3000 print credits are used up, you can add funds to your OneCard cash account.

SportsPlex Membership

Coming soon! You’ll be able to use your OneCard to access the gym facilities.

Event Access

Coming soon! Use your OneCard for access to upcoming events.