Time Capsule Gives A Glimpse Into The Past

Time Capsule collage
Time Capsule collage

Time Capsule Gives A Glimpse Into The Past

(Windsor, Ontario) – As St. Clair College continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, staff and students got a special opportunity to take a look back in time.

A time capsule sealed away in the wall during the College’s 30th anniversary in 1997 was recently unveiled.

The box was packed with a number of trinkets from the time including VHS cassettes with messages from the past and a red telephone used to reach the College’s first President, Dr. Richard Quittenton.

Executive Vice President of the 1997 Student Representative Council Jody Cloutier was on hand for the event and says St. Clair has come a long way over the past 20 years.

"It was so good to be back. It was an honour to be a student and a student council member here. The fact that, we as students, got to play such a big role in the College’s expansion is a great source of pride for all of us. It is very exciting to come full circle and reopen what we sealed away 20 years ago."

The time capsule was refilled with items from today including an iPhone with video messages from various community members, a 2017-2018 student planner and a number of pamphlets and articles from our 50th anniversary events.

Current Student Representative Council President Nick Goran says he’s looking forward to coming back for the reopening.

"The fond memories and feelings we’re seeing here today from the 1997 SRC Board will be duplicated for the current SRC members when we gather 25 years from now. We’ll be looking back at one of the best times of our lives as we attended a wonderful college, obtained a great education, made lifelong friends and prepared to set out on exciting careers."

The time capsule will now be reopened in 2042 when St. Clair will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

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