St. Clair Students Tour Kingsville’s Zero Energy Home

zero energy house - exterior

(Kingsville, Ontario) - Architectural Technology students from St. Clair College got a chance to take a look at a one-of-a-kind home in Kingsville.

The recently built zero energy house, located in the Timbercreek Estates subdivision, has built by local custom homebuilder Gord Meuser.

Meuser has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years and says he’s learned a lot through trial and error and wants to pass that knowledge along.

“The part of this story that I want to get across is that I am trying to share what I have learned to inspire younger people or other designers and builders to think differently about the home and how it is conceived and constructed”, says Meuser adding, “I am no longer in the business of custom home building, so sharing what I have learned is all I can do.”

First year Architectural Technology student Sydney Vaskor toured the home and says she learned a lot.

“In The classroom you understand what they’re saying, but I feel like that when you go out there and actually see it for yourself, you get to realize and you get to understand more in depth about what they’re talking about,” Vaskor adds, “When my teachers say things about eco-friendly housing I can compare it to what we saw when we went on our field trip.”

Vaskor’s classmate Reem Al-Maghazachi says it was like a glimpse into the future.

“I like the design. It’s creative and it actually works with the main aim which is the greenhouse and the beautiful design. It was wonderful. I wish I had a house like that, probably everyone should.”

Over the past several months, a number of school groups have taken advantage of this experiential learning opportunity by touring the home at 10 Emily Avenue in Kingsville.

Professor Frank Perissinotti took the group from St. Clair on the tour and says nothing beats real world experience.

“This tour allowed students to view, firsthand, the theory they’ve been learning in the classroom and hopefully inspire them to think differently about how houses can be designed and constructed.”

The 5,000 square foot home on three levels features a long list of cutting edge technologies making it completely self-sufficient, meaning there’s no hydro bill to pay.

zero energy house - exterior
zero energy house - interior
zero energy house - interior
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