Two ECE Students Get Field Placement Half Way Around the World

Brenda Huff, ECE Program Coordinator in China with team from King Sun School.
Brenda Huff, ECE Program Coordinator in China with team from King Sun School.

(Windsor-Essex; Chatham-Kent, Ontario) – Two of St. Clair College's Early Childhood Education students are going to experience the field placement of a life time. Victoria Horrobin and Delta Haymes, both second year ECE students at the College's Thames Campus, are off to Taiyuan, China for an 8 week placement at the King Sun Primary School located in Taiyuan in China's Shanxi Province. The best part is King Sun School is covering all of their expenses. Horrobin and Haymes leave Monday, April 18th!

Program Coordinator Brenda Huff found out about the opportunity and offered it to the students. Both Victoria and Delta jumped at the chance to go. When asked why did she wanted to go, Victoria Horrobin answered why wouldn't I want to go. "I believe that travel is one of the best educators, and this opportunity is a great way to enrich my education. I aspire to become an elementary school teacher and this opportunity to go and teach in a school in a completely different culture will give me a new look at teaching and a unique experience I would not have had here in Canada."

Horrobin and Haymes will be take a variety of teaching materials with them for the children to use in hands-on activities. "I hope the children discover that learning can be interactive and fun and that they will learn some English from the activities we will be implementing," says Horrobin.

Haymes says that experiences like this are once in a lifetime. "This placement really brings into play all of the learning and knowledge that I have been building on these last two years. It is the ultimate way to conclude my ECE program."

Horrobin is excited to also be a student and have the chance to learn about Chinese culture, along with different learning styles and new ways to teach literacy to children whose first language is something other than English which Horrobin believes is a great asset as the world becomes more globalized.

Typically young children are watched and raised by grandparents and the notion of sending children to day care is not as prevelant in China as in North America. Haymes is looking forward to teaching them about different ways of doing things. "I want them to explore their individual interests and recognize how they are learning through this practice. I want them to be curious and ask questions."

The two students will be back in home in mid June just in time to graduate. "This is an incredible opportunity that has been offered to both Delta and I," says Horrobin. "I am so grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen, particularly Brenda Huff, Quan and Peter Shi, and St. Clair College. I hope to bring much into this school, but even more so, take much away from it as you should never stop learning."

Second year ECE student, Victoria Horrobin.
Second year ECE student, Victoria Horrobin.
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