Tuesday Tip: Easter Deviled Eggs Recipe

Easter Deviled Eggs
Easter Deviled Eggs

(Windsor, Ontario) – With Easter this weekend, Hospitality – Hotel & Restaurant Instructor Chef Stan Potvin provides a Tuesday Tip from the kitchen.

Why not impress your family and friends with an Easter treat that's both pleasing to the palette and the eyes?

Here's a recipe for some pastel-coloured deviled eggs:

  • Boil some water in a pot, then add desired amount of eggs. Potvin says it's important to wait until the water is boiling to add the eggs, and make sure to use a slotted spoon to lower the eggs gently into the water.
  • Let the eggs boil in the water for 15-18 minutes to cook fully.
  • Remove the eggs and place them directly into an ice bath.
  • After cooled, peel the shells from the eggs and cut them in half.
  • Then remove the yolks and place them in a separate bowl.
  • Fill several glasses with water and add a few drops of food colouring into each. Fully submerge the halved egg whites into the differently coloured glasses of water and let them sit for a few minutes. Once they reach the desired colour, remove and pat dry.
  • Add mayonnaise and mustard to taste to the yolks and mash together. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Scoop the yolk mixture into a piping bag with a star tip (Potvin says disposable ones can be purchased at the dollar store). Pipe yolk mixture into the halved egg whites. (You may also just spoon the mixture in).
  • Top with chopped chives or smoked paprika and serve.

Potvin added that there are many variations of deviled eggs and to feel free to experiment with flavours, such as adding some wasabi to the yolk mixture and sesame seeds on top.

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