Tuesday Tip: Cheddar Cheese to Fight Cavities!

Brick of Cheddar Cheese
Chomp on a chunk of cheddar cheese to receive some of the benefits of brushing your teeth!

(Windsor, Ontario) – No toothbrush? No problem! Chomp on a chunk of cheddar cheese to receive some of the benefits of brushing your teeth!

You're probably thinking, huh? Well take note, because science has proven this particular dairy treat has qualities that can protect the overall health of your teeth.

So how does it work? Dental Assisting Program Coordinator Sherry Frey and Dental Hygiene Program Coordinator Leslie Rebner explain:

"Many people don't realize that after eating, when digestion takes place, your mouth produces acid for up to 20 minutes," says Frey. "This can be detrimental to your dental health because the acid is erosive and breaks down the enamel on your teeth."

Rebner says cheddar cheese in particular neutralizes the acid, and thus puts a halt to the erosion of enamel.

"So when you're out and about and don't have a chance to brush your teeth, a quick snack of cheddar cheese after eating will help neutralize the acid in your mouth that is produced during digestion," explains Rebner. "It's a little known secret that can make a huge difference on your overall dental health over time."

Both advise keeping in mind cheddar cheese is not a replacement for brushing your teeth twice a day.

"But for in between brushings, it's very beneficial," says Frey.

And both recommend snacking on things like apples, pears, carrots or celery for some self-cleaning when you're not able to brush.

It's all about protecting your pearly whites, and – though it may seem strange – an easy way to do so is to stock up on some of this yellow dairy goodness!

So take a page out of Steve Urkel's book and enjoy more cheese in your life!

Steve Urkel with a 'Got any cheeeeze??' caption over the image.
Take a page out of Steve Urkel's book.
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