Most Of Staff At Local Digital Marketing Agency St. Clair Grads

St. Clair College Mobile App and Web Development grads who work at Alteris Group.
St. Clair College Mobile App and Web Development program grads who work at Alteris Group.

(Windsor, Ontario) - St. Clair grads make up more than 80 per cent of the staff at a local digital marketing agency.

"They are all grads of either the Mobile App or Web Development programs, and they came to us with a significant built-in knowledge allowing them to quickly get up to speed and tackle some significant projects for our customers with minimal supervision," explains David McDowall, Digital Solutions Manager for Alteris Group, which has a base in Windsor and is headquartered in Southfield, MI. The company develops training and marketing solutions for a number of major corporations, with specific focus on integrating digital and video communications.

Some students from St. Clair were already working part time at Alteris Group even before graduating, says McDowall, which he says speaks to the programs' "spot on" curriculum that perfectly prepare students for working in this industry. He adds that it's important for post-secondary programs focused on web and mobile app development to stay ahead of the curve because digital marketing is a cutting-edge and competitive field always focused on "newer, better and faster" approaches and strategies. He says St. Clair does a good job of this with their Web Development and Mobile App programs, and the proof is seen in the impressive work being done by the St. Clair grads he works with.

"Overall, they are a great group with natural intuition and have each found their niche in areas such as native apps, web apps, WBT, QA and UI / UX design," McDowall says of the 16 St. Clair grads currently employed at Alteris Group in Windsor – a staff of only about 20.

St. Clair College Grads at Alteris Group.
A couple of St. Clair College Grads at Alteris Group.

McDowall is also a St. Clair grad. He earned his Advertising diploma in the '80s and returned to teach as an instructor in the program as well. His teaching specifically focused on digital marketing. He said he would've studied either Mobile App or Web Development at St. Clair had they been offered at the time, but both programs are relatively new.

"My career path and my interest in technology evolved as the technologies evolved," explains McDowall. "I had the chance to be in at the early stages of this industry."

Digital marketing is a dynamic and exciting field and St. Clair has several information technology programs that will prepare you for a successful career in this industry!

"Technology development is far from plateauing," states McDowall. "You can use the old line we hear so often: the tech we are using today didn't exist 10 years ago, or in some cases, even five years ago . So those considering this field will need to understand it's never going to be a dull day at the office."

A female St. Clair College grad.
A St. Clair College grad sitting at her desk working at Alteris Group.
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