Important Information for Part-Time Support and Student Employees at St. Clair College Who Worked from Sept. 2015 to Present

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To: All Part-Time College Support and Student Employees

From: Joe Sirianni, Executive Director, Human Resources

Subject: Union application to represent part-time support and student employees

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has filed an application with the labour board that affects you directly.

OPSEU is seeking to form a union and represent part-time support and student employees on college campuses across Ontario. Students and Support Staff who work part-time on campuses at every college are included in the application.

There will be a vote to ask whether you agree or disagree with OPSEU representing you.

The vote date and location is:

Monday, June 27, 2016 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)
THAMES CAMPUS - 1001 Grand Avenue West, Chatham, Ontario, room 127.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 (8:00am - 11:30am)
SOUTH CAMPUS - 2000 Talbot Road West, Windsor, Ontario, room 138 (all Windsor part-time support and student employees will vote at South Campus).

Note: you are eligible to vote even if you are not currently residing in Windsor or Chatham. Simply go to the nearest College in your area. Click here for a list of Colleges' voting dates and times.

The vote is very important because it will determine if OPSEU represents you and all part-time support and student employees or not.

The vote will be decided by a majority of those who show up and cast their vote. If only a few people vote, they will decide this question for everyone across the province. Please exercise your right to express your view.

For employees scheduled to work during the vote, you will be provided with reasonable and adequate time to go to the voting location.

For employees not scheduled to work during the vote, all eligible voters will be paid 2 hours pay if you come to campus and vote on the day the vote is held at our college. In addition, you will be able to charge reasonable expenses related to travel or parking that is associated with coming to campus to vote. Please keep all receipts to complete an expense claim. Parking will be free on the day of the vote at each location.

It is important to understand the facts before you cast your vote.

If the vote is in favour of unionization:

  • The existing full-time Support Staff agreement will not apply. New terms and conditions will have to be negotiated for all of these part-time employees, including students working part-time hours.
  • Collective agreements always include an obligation to deduct union dues from employees' paycheques and remit the dues to the union. We understand the amount of dues for OPSEU is generally 1.375% of earnings. That's $13.75 for every $1,000 you earn.
  • You are not able to opt out of union representation if the vote is in favour of unionization -- even if you do not vote for OPSEU and even if you did not sign a membership card you will be included. That is why this issue and this vote involve everyone.
  • The union has a legal right to strike if negotiations between the college and the union over the terms of employment are not successful. Persons on strike do not receive wages for the duration of any strike activity.

Whether you have or have not signed a union membership card you have the right to vote. Even if you signed a union membership card it does not mean you have to vote yes. It is always your choice.

College part-time employees will make their own decisions concerning the value of joining OPSEU. We certainly respect the right of each employee to make whatever choice they think is best for them. We urge you to carefully review all of the information available in order to assist you in making your decision.

Whether or not you support the union, please cast your ballot to make your voice heard. This application is very important to all part-time college employees in Ontario.

Ask your manager if you have questions.

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