Canadian Tire Maximum Design Challenge 2016 Results

Maximum Design Challenge 2016

(Windsor, Ontario) - CONGRATULATIONS!
Eight teams of students participated in the inaugural Canadian Tire "Maximum Challenge" competition that took place Tuesday November 8th in the Student Centre.

The competition was designed to feature Canadian Tire's professional grade Maximum line of tools and what better way to put them to the test than to hold a competition of students from the Technology and Trades programs on campus.

Congratulations to everyone, and here are our winning teams!

First place team for Maximum Design Challenge.
FIRST PLACE - Automotive Product Design (Tracey Talbot, George Nossey, Vladimy Dorsainvil and Will Garant)
Second place team for Maximum Design Challenge.
SECOND PLACE - Motive Power Technician (Taylor Bastien, Razvan Popa, Jacob Taylor and Russ Wood)
Third place team for Maximum Design Challenge.
THIRD PLACE - Automotive Product Design (Darrin Erwin, Alan Clemente, Kirobel Yitna, and Marcus Vial)
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