Tuesday Tip: Mani/Pedi Safety
Windsor, ON - The summer season has fast approached us and so has the need to get our hands and feet "summer ready," says Esthetician student Kaitlyn Babington. But she advises, "just as important as it is to choose the perfect color, it is important to do your research and find a place that is clean and sterile." She says when doing your research, there are a few things to consider and things that you can do before you go.


Do research and find a place that is clean and sterile.

Here are some of the things Babington says you should consider and ask yourself and the esthetician/nail technician:

  1. Does your nail technician/ esthetician have the necessary credentials or experience required?
    "It might surprise you to know that Estheticians/Nails Technicians are not licensed like hairstylist to practice," explains Babington. "However, they are certified to do their job if they have gone to a reputable school and taken the necessary courses in its entirety." She says you shouldn't be afraid to ask your esthetician/nail technician where they went to school if you don't see a certificate/diploma hanging on the wall.
  2. Are the pedicure/manicure stations clean?
    Upon arrival in the spa/salon you may notice big, fancy pedicure thrones and cute, organized manicure tables, but Babington says you should be sure to take extra notice of their cleanliness. "When you arrive, the esthetician may have already cleaned the pedicure bowls and tables," she says. "Those pedicure thrones can harbor a lot of bacteria if not cleaned properly. It is advised that the esthetician/nail technician clean the pedicure bowl, after draining and cleaning the surface with a soap or detergent, with an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant for 10 minutes." If you think that they may not have cleaned the bowl properly or in its entirety, do not be shy, she says. "Speak up and ask them to do it again in front of you!"
  3. Are there dirty tools lying around?
    It is equally as important that your esthetician/nail technician uses clean tools for the safety of your health, explains Babington. "Tools should always be washed with soap and warm water, completely dried, and immersed in a disinfectant for the specified time by the manufacturer," she says. "If you suspect the tools are dirty, ask them to clean them or use a new set. They should always have a couple sets handy for the instance where one set is dirty, or a tool falls on the floor." It is also very important that the nail technician uses a new file on every client that walks through the doors, says Babington.
  4. To shave or not to shave?
    We all have that immediate reaction to shave our legs the day of our pedicure, but Babington says this may not be the best idea. "That is not the best option because you could cause superficial nicks and scrapes in the skin that could leave you susceptible to infection," she says. "For your safety, do not shave for at least two days before your pedicure."
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