Tuesday Tip: Luscious Lashes & Beautiful Brows
Windsor, ON - Want to spruce up your look this spring? Looking to make an impactful change to your appearance? Well one of the latest trends in the beauty industry – eyelash and eyebrow tinting – may be right for you!

The procedure is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to highlight your eyes, says Esthetician student Kaitlyn Babington.

"Eyelash perming and tinting, as well as eyebrow tinting, are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and accentuate the eye area," explains Babington. "The procedure doesn't take long and will provide you with six weeks of long, dark, curly lashes."

Brow Tinting

The procedure allows the lashes to look full and dark without the need for mascara. Babington says this is a perfect solution for those long days spent in and around the pool, which are sure to be opening in the area soon.

And there are many benefits of eyelash perming, explains Babington, including the elimination of daily eyelash curling.

"Eyelash perming creates a permanent upward curled appearance to the lashes creating a more youthful, awake appearance to the eyes," says Babington. "Every client is different in regards to the length of time these results will last depending on skin care routine and products used."

And eyelashes and eyebrows simply look better when they are tinted, states Babington. While many never notice, the tips of our lashes are lighter than the base, she explains.

"When they're darker they appear longer and more voluminous," says Babington, adding that eyebrows can be tinted darker or lightened depending on our hair colors.

So this spring, book your appointment with a trained professional in the industry that knows how to properly handle these products. People will be in awe of your naturally dark, curly lashes and perfectly matched eyebrows!

Eyelash Perming
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