Tuesday Tip: Walk & Move More to Improve Heart Health;
'Every Step Counts'
Windsor, ON - With February being Heart Month, Deborah Ivey, co-ordinator for St. Clair College's Fitness & Health Promotion program, says it's time to take the steps to reduce risks of heart disease by moving more.

"You should really just try to be more active overall and try to get a minimum of 10,000 steps in per day," says Ivey, which equals about five miles. While this may seem like a tall order, Ivey says men and women already walk around 6,000 steps each day without working out, just going about their daily routine.

"So even if you were just a bit more active during the day, like putting in a walk at lunch time, parking farther away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or hitting up the gym to jump on the treadmill for a while, you can bump up those steps," said Ivey.

But don't stress about the numbers. Instead, Ivey stresses this important message: "Every step counts."

She says walking is specifically good for heart health because it is low-intensity cardio that gets us up from doing something our society does too much: sitting.

"We sit to drive, we sit to eat, we sit in school, we sit at home, watching TV or on our computers," says Ivey. "Overall, we don't move enough, so try to stand more often. Every step counts and every tiny little thing that you do where you're not sitting or being conscious of that will translate into reduced risk factors for heart disease."

Deborah Ivey: Smiling on Treadmill
Deborah Ivey is shown on one of the several treadmills available for students on campus.
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