Public Relations Grad Lands Exciting Job at Caesars Windsor
Windsor, ON - From obtaining an education at St. Clair College's MediaPlex to attaining a career at Caesars Windsor - where world-famous and iconic superstars perform regularly - Jason Tang's Public Relations Diploma has landed him an exciting career in the field of communications.

Tang graduated from St. Clair's Public Relations program in April 2014. Soon after, he was hired at Caesars Windsor as a Public Relations and Communications Specialist. In this position, which he still currently holds, he is involved in writing copy for marketing and media, including entertainment and media releases, writing biographies for upcoming performing artists, creating customer newsletters, ads and advertorials, and assisting in event planning and management.

Tang says the most exciting part of his job is being part of the event planning and execution process in the Las Vegas-based casino and entertainment venue.

St. Clair College Grad: Jason Tang
St. Clair College grad Jason Tang in front of Caesars Windsor.

"This past summer, Caesars Windsor launched our largest marketing campaign in the property's 20 years and held a press event," said Tang. "I assisted and contributed to the concept for its overall success."

Operated by Caesars Entertainment, Caesars Windsor attracts millions of visitors annually and Tang is part of a communications team that helps facilitate its success.

Tang earned a Degree in Business Administration at the University of Windsor prior to entering St. Clair's Public Relations program.

"I loved my time at university, and I learned a lot, but I ultimately didn't chase my career after graduation," said Tang. He said during his St. Clair experience, he was more motivated to seize every opportunity and try to learn as much as possible.

"College was much more hands on, which really helped me apply my skills and knowledge directly to my internships," explained Tang. "It also helped that all our professors and teachers were currently working in the field, giving us a really great inside look at the profession."

A feature of St. Clair's Public Relations program is the two internships students are required to fulfill to receive their diploma. Tang did both of his at Caesars Windsor, which helped form the foundation of his current position.

"What helped most on my path towards a new career was that the program offered me new skills and gave me a chance to work for an organization through an internship component," said Tang. "The program prepared me by having professors and teachers that were currently in the PR industry. This offered real workplace lessons and experience with every course, which was the biggest advantage with this program."

As for some advice Tang feels can be useful to current or future St. Clair Public Relations students as they embark on their career paths:

"Pay attention to the lessons you receive, focus on and strengthen your writing and keep up with current events," said Tang. "Also, take the time to network with various individuals from around the city."

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