Power Engineering Student Awarded Women in Technology Scholarship
Windsor, Ontario - First-year Power Engineering student Brook Lippert was awarded with this year's Women in Technology Scholarship.

St. Clair College awarded the scholarship to Lippert, 18, at the end of the summer, before she began classes.

Lippert is excited to have St. Clair supporting her decision to enter a field that is typically dominated by males.

"In high school, I was very interested in mechanics and there was very few girls that were interested in getting their hands dirty and working on any type of machines," explains Lippert. "I am not one to be at a desk job or working with children all of my life and I figured this would be the perfect career for me."

Lippert says her father works at a local nuclear power plant and it is a dream of hers to one day work there with him.

Celia Gibb
Brook Lippert, recipient of this year's Women in Technology Scholarship.

"My experience with the Power Engineering program so far has been great," says Lippert. "Everyone at St. Clair has helped me tremendously. I am really enjoying my classes as well as my professors. There is a lot of work that goes into each and every one of my classes and it is a huge amount of time and dedication that I'll need to be put forth to do well in the program."

And Lippert has a message for other women who may be considering entering the skilled trades, but may be hesitant because it is a male-dominated field.

"You should do what you love to do, no matter what the norm is," says Lippert. "Male-dominated or not, if you really enjoy that trade, you will regret not doing it in the future."

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