Police Chief Al Frederick Guest Lectures About Motivating Staff
Windsor, ON - Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick guest lectured for a class at the Main Campus Monday afternoon.

Faculty member Steve Brown, who teaches a course called organizational behaviour as part of the Business Marketing program, said he invited Frederick in to speak to his class about motivating staff and improving employee morale, among other topics.

"When we had an officer who was involved with criminal activity, I personally met with every person in the organization through meetings, 24/7, until I met with all 600 people to tell them that we have a lot of be proud of and a lot to be thankful for and that we have a great community who supports us and it's up to us to be the professionals that we are," Frederick told the class.

Al Frederick Speaking to Class
Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick speaking to Business Marketing students.

Frederick spoke about organizational risk management, and how the reputation of an organization or company is the responsibility of every worker.

"The person on the front line either creates risks or mitigates risk," said Frederick. "It's about you, it's not about me."

Frederick explained it is his duty to manage the Windsor Police Service's reputation, which can be difficult at times. He said while it is a very few people who damage the force's reputation, one specific incident a few years ago put the Windsor Police Service in a crisis situation.

Al Frederick Speaking to Class
Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick speaking to Business Marketing students.

"It got a lot of publicity and an officer eventually was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm, he went to jail, he lost his job," Frederick told the class. He said internally, a lot of officers wanted him to convey to the media that it's not everybody involved in this and that most of the police force is good and does their job properly.

But Frederick told the class the appropriate action – which he took – is to take responsibility.

"Even if you're not the person engaged in the misconduct of the criminal activity, you say 'In little ways, I could do better tomorrow, the next day and every time I deal with a community member, I'm going to be more professional, I'm going to be more courteous, I'm going to do my job better than I did the day before,'" Frederick told the class.

Brown said Frederick was honoured when he asked him to guest lecture in his class.

"Guest speakers add a different dynamic and learning experience to the classroom", said Brown, "especially in the case of Chief Frederick, who is responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and over 500 employees."

Business Marketing student listening to lecture.
Business Marketing student listening to Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick's lecture.

One of Brown's students, Stephen Chowtee, said he thoroughly appreciated Frederick sharing his insights on the topic of organizational behavior.

"Sure you can get a lot from a lecture, but having someone come in like the Chief with outside experience to come to talk to you about stuff you're going to be using one day, that's not something you can get every day out of a class," said Chowtee. He added that Frederick's words resonated with him and helped motivate him to be a better worker in the future and student now.

Chowtee said he specifically enjoyed how he spoke about how important front-line workers are and how motivating staff at all times – especially at negative times – is crucial.

"And I feel like he does that for his own staff," said Chowtee. "You could tell by the way he talks, he loves and is passionate about his work, and you can tell he really wants to make a difference with the community and his own workers."

Al Frederick Speaking to Class
Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick speaking to Business Marketing students.
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