Adorable Adoptable Pets on Campus
Windsor, ON - Looking to bring new fuzzy friends into your home and provide a cuddly cat or dog a new lease on life?

St. Clair College can help make this possible through their Pet Adoption Program, which is run through the Veterinary Technician department at main campus.

"Adopting a pet is life-changing," says Betsy Wismer, a Registered Veterinary Technician and full-time support technician for St. Clair's Veterinary Technician program. "It's a tremendous experience and there is such a loving and meaningful impact on both your life and theirs."

While adoptions have mostly been made by college students and staff, the Pet Adoption Program is open to the public, said Wismer, who helps run the program.

"We try to match the dog or cat personality to the person and/or family structure," says Wismer. "These adorable adoptables deserve a second chance."

And all of the animals available for adoption are ready to go home with you right away.

Betsy with a Dog
Registered Veterinary Technician Betsy Wismer is photographed with one of several dogs available on campus for adoption through the Pet Adoption Program.

"They're all vaccinated, heartworm tested, dewormed, altered (spayed/neutered), microchipped and assessed for temperament type," says Wismer.

The Vet Tech department has room to house 15 dogs and 15 cats at a time, says Wismer.

In the department, a staff comprised of a Veterinarian and five Registered Veterinarian Technicians work together with students to prepare the animals to be adopted.

"Working with the animals can be very challenging because some of them have had absolutely no training and no socializing," explains Wismer. "The students and I spend a lot of time trying to correct bad behavior, teaching them basic commands and getting them into a routine with feeding and house breaking."

The Vet Tech program staff and students who run the adoption program find the role they play in the lives of these animals very rewarding and gratifying, and the animals love the attention they receive each and every day, Wismer says.

Donations are greatly appreciated when adopting a pet as there is a lot that goes into preparing them, says Wismer. A website for the pet adoption program is in the works and should be up and running by the end of January.
*UPDATED* - You can now visit the webpage at

If you are interested in adopting a pet or would like more information, contact Wismer at

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