Pressure-Packed Paramedic Competition Puts Students' Skills to the Test
Windsor, ON - From evaluating one patient while blindfolded to carrying another in a stretcher up a set of stairs, St. Clair Paramedic students put their skills to the test at the Main Campus Thursday.

John Lassaline, Coordinator of the Paramedic program, said eight teams of two students participated in this year's Amazing Race Meets Survivor Paramedic Student Competition.

"The pressure, the stress of it, working fast – this competition really tests both their skills and their academics," said Lassaline.

Twelve stations were set up throughout the campus, which included both simulated situations, like performing CPR, and theoretical exercises, like classifying different parts of anatomy models. The second-year Paramedic student participants had to race to each station, only finding out where to head next after completing the task at hand.

"In order to move quickly through this competition, they had to know their stuff. There was no getting around it," said Lassaline. "It really exercised their brain and their endurance."

The pretend patients at several of the stations were played by first-year Paramedic students. Lassaline said many of the instructors at each station were local Paramedics, and several are St. Clair grads.

Students from the top three teams will advance to the National Paramedic Competition held at Durham College in April. Lassaline said St. Clair Paramedic students have swept the national awards in the past and hopes they do the same this year.

Paramedic Students: Brad Warren, Adam Bering and Dara Tate
Second-year Paramedic students and teammates Brad Warren and Adam Bering treat a pretend patient (first-year paramedic student Dara Tate) at a station where participants were blindfolded as they worked to perform medical tasks.
Paramedic Students: Jon Croley and Francois Bernatchez
Second-year Paramedic students and teammates Jon Croley and Francois Bernatchez practise anatomy at one of the competition stations.
Paramedic Students: Stefanie Dummer and Erick Potvin with Mike Sherwood
Second-year Paramedic students and teammates Stefanie Dummer and Erick Potvin carry pretend patient Mike Sherwood (first-year Paramedic student) up the stairs.

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