St. Clair Pair Creates Winning Designs for Upcoming Competition Medals & Pins
Windsor, ON - Two Graphic Design students have created winning medal and pin designs for the upcoming Ontario Technological Skills Competition.

Second-year students Nina Keast and Jessica Nelson won a contest that was held last semester to determine the design of this year's competition pins and medals. All gold, silver and bronze OTSC finalists will receive a medal featuring Keast's design, and every participant will receive a pin with Nelson's design on it.

"This was really surprising. I wasn't expecting it at all," said Keast of the contest win. "It's an honour to win this. I spent a lot of time on the design and put a little more effort into it than other projects because I knew it was a contest."

Graphic Design Students: Jessica Nelson and Nina Keast
Jessica Nelson, left, and Nina Keast pose for a photo in front of the Centre for the Arts, where they study in the Graphic Design program.

Nelson said she, too, was shocked at the win.

"I remember my mom told me I got a letter and I told her to open it and when she read that I had won, she began bawling her eyes out because she was so happy for me," said Nelson with a laugh.

Graphic Design Faculty Nicholas Kuipers facilitated the contest for St. Clair students. He chose the top five best designs, which included Keast and Nelson's, and submitted them into the provincial contest.

He said past St. Clair Graphic Design students have also won this honour.

"I am very proud of my students," said Kuipers. "Year after year they continue to excel at this provincial competition. The students take what they have learned in all of their classes and apply it to a single design."

The design contest was open to all Ontario college and high school students. Keast said it's great that both she and Nelson – who are from the same class at the same college – won for their designs in both categories.

"It just goes to show that here at St. Clair, we have a great Graphic Design program and great instructors that teach us so well," said Keast.

OTSC Winning Designs
Keast and Nelson's winning pin and medal designs.
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