Architectural Tech. Grad Transfers to Lawrence Tech. University, Earns Degree in Less Than a Year
Windsor, Ontario - When Allaa Mokdad graduated from St. Clair's Architectural Technology program last year, her diploma fast-tracked her into senior year at one of the top architecture universities in the U.S.

From St. Clair, she crossed the border and enrolled at Lawrence Technological University. St. Clair has had a significant transfer agreement relationship with the university for many years.

Located in Detroit, LTU is one of the best schools for engineering, architecture, science, and applied technology in the U.S.

Allaa Mokdad
Allaa Mokdad; Graduate from St. Clair's Architectural Technology program

Mokdad said she learned about the transfer agreement between St. Clair and Lawrence Tech prior to enrolling at the college, and it was always her plan to pursue this path.

"I've always had an interest in architecture and a fascination with space and how it's used," explained Mokdad. "I thought it was a common enthusiasm but as I got older I realized it wasn't, and that led me into architecture school."

After completing the Architecture program at St. Clair, Mokdad enrolled in additional courses required to transfer over to Lawrence Tech.

"By the end of my studies at St. Clair, I had accumulated around 170 credits, of which 100 credits transferred over to the Lawrence Tech. University," said Mokdad. "One hundred college credits transferred is a lot – almost unheard of – leaving only 30 credits needed for a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture."

The 30 credits can be divided into as many semesters as you'd like, said Mokdad, but you are required to spread them out amongst a minimum of three semesters, which is typically the case if you're a full time student. Mokdad started at Lawrence Tech. last August and will have her degree this month.

She said lot of fellow students at Lawrence Tech. are also transfer students from other American and Canadian colleges, but St. Clair's agreement is one of the best.

The 23-year-old said St. Clair College's Architectural Technology program really prepares you for the transfer process.

"Obviously the college is more technically focused, so in that area I think St. Clair students excel," said Mokdad.

She said the transfer agreement gives students in the Windsor-Essex region a great opportunity to study architecture and get an architecture practicing license.

"A college diploma can get you a job within the architectural industry, but if you're looking at becoming a licensed architect, Lawrence Tech. provides the means to pursue that route," said Mokdada. "Lawrence Tech is also one of the more recognized schools for architecture, so it's more than just about convenience."

Allaa Mokdad
Allaa Mokdad; Graduate from St. Clair's Architectural Technology program

The transfer agreement also offers many scholarship opportunities for transfer students, which is very helpful, added Mokdad.

After this year, Mokdad plans to enroll in the Master's Degree program in the hopes of becoming a licensed architect.

"I hope to work on as many humanitarian projects as my career allows me to," said Mokdad. "I walked into architecture with that intention, and I hope that it always remains my priority as I move forward with my career."

St. Clair College has a number of articulation and transfer agreements with post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada and internationally. Through these agreements, graduates may receive transfer credit for several courses, a full semester or a full year (or more) toward a university degree.

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Additional information on transfer credit, collaborative programs and diploma to degree pathway opportunities between Ontario colleges and universities can be found through the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONTransfer) website.

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