St. Clair Grad Named in Marketing Magazine's Top 30 Under 30 Across Canada
Windsor, Ontario - A St. Clair grad has been named by Canadian magazine, Marketing, as one of this year's Top 30 Under 30 advertising professionals across the country.

Celia Gibb, 28, graduated from St. Clair's Advertising & Marketing Communications Management program in 2010 and is thrilled about Marketing magazine's honour.

"It's very surreal to be part of Marketing's 30 Under 30," says Gibb. She explains that every year, Marketing magazine pores through hundreds of nominations to narrow the list down to 30 individuals under 30 years whose resumés "read like those of seasoned vets."

"To be honest, I am touched that someone even thought to nominate me, let alone to actually place in the final list," says Gibb, who is currently a Supervisor for Communications Strategies for m2 Canada.

Celia Gibb
Celia Gibb, St. Clair College grad, has been named by the Canadian magazine, Marketing, as one of this year's Top 30 Under 30 advertising professionals across the country.

"Basically I am an integrated media planner," says Gibb of her current position. "I plan and book ad space based on client objectives. I work directly with my agency's clients – specifically Dairy Farmers of Canada – daily to understand their business challenges, and to translate business objectives into media solutions."

She then collaborates with media and agency partners to make those solutions a reality.

"On a typical day, I could wear any number of hats, from consumer research and strategic planning to proposal evaluations and social campaign maintenance," explains the busy marketing professional. "Clients and partners count on me not only to ensure our current campaigns are running smoothly, but to anticipate future opportunities or obstacles."

Being named as one of this year's 30 Under 30 for Marketing magazine is just the latest of her notable accomplishments in the advertising industry since graduating from St. Clair. Gibb and her partner, Megan Metzak, won Canada's first-ever Silver Medal at the young Lions Media Competition in Cannes in June.

"Every year, the Globe and Mail sends one lucky team from Canada to compete against teams from other countries," explains Gibb. "It's a pretty intense competition. The media category alone garnered over 100 entries this year!"

After the Canadian qualifying competition, the pair competed in Cannes against 28 other teams from other countries to develop a full media plan for a not-for-profit client in just 48 hours. The winning entries, including Gibb's, can be viewed here

"I still can't believe we placed in Cannes," exclaims Gibb. "It's amazing. How can something so fun feel this rewarding?"

Prior to attending St. Clair College, Gibb earned a B. Comm. Business Administration degree with a marketing concentration from the University of Windsor. This allowed her to directly enter the third year of the Advertising program at St. Clair.

"Thanks to Steve McEachern and St. Clair's Advertising program, I was setup with a great internship with Mindshare Canada as part of the program," says Gibb. "It worked out and I stayed on with the company after my internship. Without my internship, who knows where I would have ended up?"

Gibb says it was immensely important to her that her St. Clair instructors had many years of actual advertising experience.

"The real-world advice throughout the program was so invaluable," explains Gibb. "Each course really brought the material to life with practical assignments and an honest perspective from someone who worked in the industry. Five years later, I'm still in contact with my teachers and I know I can still turn to them for guidance."

McEachern says he is proud of Gibb and says she remains a vital part of the success of St. Clair's Advertising program, as she is a member of the program's five-year external review committee.

"We talk often about industry developments, which has helped us keep our program current and on the leading edge," explains McEachern.

Gibb recommends St. Clair's Advertising program to those who are interested in the field, whether it's specifically media, creative or accounts you want to pursue. For her, she was unsure which career best suited her, so she says it was perfect that St. Clair's program gives a comprehensive overview for all advertising directions.

"The program is constantly evolving to adapt to the changing skills in demand, particularly in the realm of online advertising," says Gibb. "There's no 'fluff' in the curriculum – you're just investing in just the skills and courses you need to build a great advertising career."

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